Writing blog posts

You all need to create a learning blog as part of your assessment for this unit. Here we present a range of resources and information to help you with blogging. Much of the content applies to vlogging too.

Blogging conventions

Have you heard of ProBlogger? His How to write great blog content post is an index of a whole bunch of posts he’s written about creating great blog content. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for everything you need to know to make your blog sing.

Short on time? This blog post will introduce you to ten tips for Good blog writing style super fast.

Or read ProBlogger’s version, Ten tips for writing a blog post.

Sourcing content for your posts

Our old friend Copyright tells us we can’t just use other people’s content on our blogs. But never fear! If you need music or images or even video to include in your blog posts, you can find plenty of content licensed for reuse under Creative Commons.

Introducing Creative Commons

Read this article from EduCause on 7 things you should know about Creative Commons.

Citing and attribution

Check out the information we’ve provided about referencing and attribution on your blog to help you with your blog assignment. Please take some time to read through it. You might also find this post called How not to steal people’s content on the web useful too.