Game over!

The IFN612 Emerging Technologies gamification fortnight is over! We had nearly 40 people participating, earning a total of 12, 640 points!

Our intention with this activity was to give you a first hand experience of gamification, to examine different strategies (good and bad), to encourage you to think about how you react to being gamified, how your fellow learners reacted to being gamifiied, how it impacted on the learning community and on your own engagement. And hopefully you learned some things along the way, like how to search our databases, where to play games at the library, and what your classmates’ favourite memory is.

The final leaderboard of The Game will soon be updated due to some last minute challenge completions [KH – 23/05].

Raphael charged to the front in the end thanks to his winning challenge, Forgotten Memories, which everyone loved doing. Congratulations to all our participants, and especially the top three who will be receiving their prizes shortly. I will also be revealing all of the hidden challenges and badges in the near future.


So now you can all forget about the points, forget about badges and leaderboards, get some sleep, and then get back to your studies! Thanks to everyone for coming along for the ride.

– Katya

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