Week 12 – Final Reflection

I really didn’t know what to expect this unit would be like all I knew was that it would involve investigation of emerging technologies and perhaps I would learn about some I haven’t previously heard of. I was feeling dubious about this unit going into it as technology doesn’t really interest me greatly however I know there are a number of students who are aiming to become IT professionals and know this unit would have really appealed to them and as it turned out this unit turned out to be my most interesting unit for the semester. I really enjoyed the blogging and found this a great learning tool and way to share my thoughts and discoveries with other students in the class. I had blogged previously but had not tried the WordPress site before and I feel after trying it out it is a site I would be comfortable telling others about as there are a lot of benefits especially its ease of use. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much time as I would have wished to visit lots of student blogs however the ones I did visit impressed me and I even learned something new along the way because not everyone wrote about the same things. I think an improvement for the next class would be to have a Google community set up as I found with other units this worked really well for sharing information and exchanging conversation and Ideas and really got conversations going something which was difficult via the Blog/Website for this class. I really liked that we had multiple options for activities and reflections to complete as it meant there was usually always something I enjoyed doing. Different activities suited different people with different skill sets. I think that as an I.T. novice it was equally as stimulating as it would have been for more experienced students. I think the most challenging weekly activities were those that made me have to create something because I couldn’t just simply read about it I had to put it into practice but this is good because it improved my confidence in using new technologies. The activity I most enjoyed was updating information on Wikipedia. Sadly though my edits on Newcastle New South Wales have been deleted. I think the key learning from this unit is to be open to using new technologies even if you are not confident as you can often find they are a lot more user friendly than previously thought and enable you to show others something which will come in handy later on in our work life. The benefit of understanding and being aware of emerging technologies is greatly beneficial to understanding how your clients use technology, by understanding this a library can keep pace and ensure they stay in touch with patrons.

I had a few comments on my blog from my peers but I feel it would have been better to have a google community to interact with each other as it is a lot more user friendly. Also when students reply to your posts on Google community you get an email notification to your gmail account if you have one so you can respond straight away. I didn’t have any great lightbulb moments, I’m not really excited by technology but I feel I still gained value from the learning especially from participation in the weekly activities and the reflections. Whilst I’m not excited by technology I did enjoy the unit overall and enjoyed it more because the learning was practical rather than just reading articles and papers. I work better when I can learn actively from participation. I also feel others enjoyed the unit and I could see the game activity was a big hit with a lot of people and a great incentive to get out there and read other students blogs and comment on them. This semester has been very stressful for me and I’ve struggle to make it through, studying and working full-time is a lot to take on and though I have struggled with my units this semester, Emerging Technologies was the only one I had fun with and if learning can be fun then you’re half way there. I can certainly recommend this unit to other students and the effort the unit coordinators have put into the content is really impressive. I think if the next time this unit is offered it is combined with Google communities you’ll have everyone communicating on a daily basis and learning will be enhanced. I’m excited to think about what sort of technologies we’ll be using everyday in the next 5-10 years, I think though I’m a bit wary of robots I like Pepper the robot she has a sweet personality, what technology is on your wish list?


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