Week 8 Play Activity: Edit Wikipedia

I chose to have a go at editing a Wikipedia and it’s not as simple as it sounds as most pages have a wealth of information on them and you also need to have personal knowledge of a subject in order to comment on it. It took some thinking and I decided to edit the Wikipedia page for Newcastle as I grew up there and have a lot of knowledge on the history of the area. I did make an update on the Fort Scratchley Wikipedia page however this has since been deleted so I can’t show you. I’ve now updated the Newcastle page and hopefully you’ll see my edit on the Sygna wreck from 1974. My edit added information about the June 2016 storms and the Sygna wreck has now disappeared and Newcastle and Port Stephens has lost a well known and loved tourist site, a draw card for many divers over the years. Below is a link to the Newcastle Wikipedia page and the wording I added, I tried adding snapshots however they are too blurry so you’ll hopefully my edit is still visible under Maritime.


Edit: During storms in June 2016 the final pieces of the Sygna wreck disappeared, the Sygna wreck has been visible on the coast since it arrived there in 1976 and has been a visual reminder of the strength of mother nature and a tourist attraction that has drawn many divers and will be missed. 

I enjoyed having a go at editing Wikipedia, I’d not previously given much thought to who might have created the pages I’ve read there.

Lisa Schofield

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