Week 8: Play – Wiki Contributor

I chose to join Wiki as a contributor in this play just to get the experience of being an editor. While Wikipedia mostly has been my primary learning gateway when I come across a new topic or new concept, it never occurred to me to edit any information I read and saw in Wiki.

After creating an account, I immediately went to edit the Wiki page Luang Prabang, an Unesco World Heritage city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in my country Laos. The city received the award of ‘Best City’ in the Wanderlust Travel Awards 2015. However, this information was not mentioned in its Wiki page, so I added this to improve the accuracy in Tourism section of the article.

Luang Prabang


There are many pages which I am really interested in contributing in Wiki, especially those pages that publish articles about my country development. For instance, I would like to create Wiki pages which focus on providing accurate and up-to-date information about the use of Internet, Telecommunication, IT Infrastructure development, and e-Government initiatives in Laos. So far, there seems to be limited statistics and out-of-date articles related to these topics in Wikipedia pages.

12 thoughts on “Week 8: Play – Wiki Contributor”

  1. Hi,

    I am inspired form your purpose of creating a wiki page.As we all know that Wiki is a great source of information.And, also its a first place you seek any information you need ( you search).
    In addition, you have chosen a great platform to deliver information about your country,which I think,might help to introduce Laos to the rest of the world.

    Ultimately, Laos is a beautiful country.I am hoping to read more about Laos from the page,that you have created.

  2. Hi Soukhavanh,

    This is inspires me to post something in wiki. I have always wonders about postings and information in Wiki and previously event thought of contributing some to improve the accuracy of the information. It’s obvious Wiki is one of the community “managed” platform for information sharing. As a matter of fact I came across an article in the news Wiki is even used by certain government agencies as a platform to release information on corrupt politician of other governments.

  3. Hey Soukhavanh, do you think you’ll take up editing wikipedia pages as a hobby? I know people who do it for fun; I think it might get addictive. It would also be interesting to have a bit of an explore of the wikipedia community, and see what interacting with other contributors is like.


    1. Hi @fergkat, yes, I agree with you that checking the Wiki community to see how other Wikipedians are contributing is a good starting point. You are right, I would probably take up the editing Wiki page work as a hobby, although it can be a bit of fun, my main aim always would focus on promoting and spreading information which could contribute to added value and useful knowledge for the readers interested in getting to know my country.

  4. Hi Soukhavanh,

    This is amazing that by contributing Wiki to let more people know more about Laos. And indeed, Wiki is the bigest platform I think to spread information. It helps us know better about what we want.

  5. I remembered that I’ve played with Wikipedia a while back, trying to contribute to the article regarding the Sockgate issue between Taiwan and Korea. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sockgate) Alas, the contribution was removed quite quickly as I lack the required reference to back my assertion. It was, however, an empowering feeling seeing my edits on Wiki (even though only briefly). That sense of achievement made me want to contribute more on Wiki. I think this is the exact reason why Wikipedia became what it is today, and why people would be willing to dedicate their time to build this knowledge base. I’d like to share one of my favourite video about motivation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc.
    This video talks about how Mastery and Contribution motivates people to do more. Thus the reason why Open Source, Open Data and Creative Commons is thriving today.

    1. Hi Lilly, thanks for comment and sharing such an insightful video which creatively shows how different factors drive our motivations. Yes, your point is absolutely valid that the sense of empowering and ownership of the knowledge plays the biggest parts that make us collaborate and contribute in Wiki pages.

      I can see that if you are attempting to edit information of an important article in Wiki without substantial reference, your inputs are likely to be removed or changed back to the original state. My friend once told me that he tried to put his name as the president of the World Bank just for fun, but it only lasted about 5 minutes before he got notified of the correct information being made.

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