A very interesting process of learning : Emerging Technology

Unfolding the Journey

Why I choose this unit???

Emerging Technologies for Information Practice is one of the most interesting unit I have encountered till date.My friends who did this unit suggested me to enroll, because they found it interesting.And, most importantly, the very striking statement made by one of my friend  about this unit was,”you will enjoy the unit”.Today, I exactly know what my friend meant by saying that. This unit is exactly same as  what they told me.

What I found Different?

We used blogs instead of blackboards .The experience of blogging for the first time was different.Assessments were unique and innovative.

Learning Process:


From week-1 to week 10, we started off with  Gartner’s top predictions for 2016. Gartner’s predication is very helpful to know what the technology can do in future.Many predication’s made in Gartner’s list are coming true.While writing a post on it, I agreed on some of the predication, and some predictions were not very relevant to future technology.However, a technology forecast organization like Gartner is needed to predict future.

Secondly, searching myself on google was a fun part of the weekly learning activity.Everyone must have tried to search their name on google, and I also had done that before, but during my weekly activity,I learned to analyse the google search of my own name.As a matter of fact, I found the impact of social media on the search results.All the search results were from social media sites like Facebook.At that time, I realized the importance of online identity.Online identity is a very powerful tool to introduce ourselves  to the people who don’t know about us.Online identity can also be good and bad in different ways.However, I think, to have a good online identity can help us in different ways.

Moreover,another important aspect of learning was to research about quantifying our own activities.I choose to quantify my finance.Finance management is a very necessary to track on our daily spending,and even more important is to manage the change we get in our daily purchase.I have mentioned about Acorns, which is a very good tool to manage our change money for future investments.

Persona Poster

Design of a persona poster based on my use of available technology was the most interesting and innovative idea.I got an opportunity to introduce myself to everyone via my persona.I learned how to design a persona based on given requirements. The persona is an amazing tool used everywhere.I have seen many  businesses  and social media using persona to reflect different subjects, but to design a poster on myself was an unique experience.Eventually, I realized the value to poster design after doing the task.In addition, I also learned to use different design tools.Business advertisements today need posters and designs to introduce their products.

When was the first poster in the history of mankind designed?

For what purpose the poster was used?

I wonder about the questions above, when I think about persona posters.

MOOC is another important area of education, which I encountered in one of my weekly activity.I choose to research on MOOC and its openness.MOOC is a medium.There are different mediums to learn and teach.However, MOOC is an effective tool for education.While doing this activity, I realized the importance of MOOC.I had heard about MOOC, when I was in high school.I had watched some lectures from MIT opencourseware. Those lectures were free to access, and were very effective.I benefited a lot from those lectures.But, even today lots of students around the world do not have access to open education.Following are some of the fundamental reasons preventing open education to reach to everyone.

  1. Internet access
  2. Free availability
  3. Format of the available open course resources.
  4. Language



Improving MOOC

  1. Publish learning materials in all the major language spoken around the world.
  2. Easy and free internet access to everyone around the world.
  3. Open education should be completely free.
  4. Courses should be disability friendly.

During all weekly activities, Information literacy was one of the vital area that I explored.Information literacy is a process of using information and communication technology (ICT) effectively.In my task, I researched on reading internet for information.There are many ways to get information.However, internet is one of the easiest and feasible platform  to locate information, because internet is everywhere.


To write about a privacy issues surrounding Facebook was an easy task.Some of my colleagues commented on my blog expressing their opinions on the weak privacy of Facebook. We hope Facebook will be a secure and more private platform to share information in future.

Last but not the least, the Game play 2016, was the most interesting activity I completed during the entire learning process.After I played the game, I realized the importance of gamification. Gamification always attracts me.When I played the game, I had many assignments to complete,but I still managed to play it, despite of my busy schedule.That was the time I knew the effectiveness of gamification. I will treasure the learning from gamification play, as there were many awesome activities.Forgotten memories, hidden treasures and taking selfies are some of them.

Game play activity was a perfect end to the unit.

The overall experience of completing the weekly activities were precious learning  activities.However, some of the challenges, I faced are:


  1. Difficulty in finding relevant resources.
  2. Poster design from scratch was a bit daunting.
  3. Couldn’t manage time for effective research.
  4. Technical knowledge of blogging.

As we were blogging all the time, the proper blogging skill is required to effectively present ideas and opinions through blogging.I think if we learn different blogging tools it would be very helpful in future.We will be working in different areas in our life, and we might want to share our ideas and feelings, and blogging is a very good too to express our feelings and ideas.Myself, not being an exception, I am planning to write a blog on some technological issue in future, where I can share my ideas and experiences.

Overall, I  really enjoyed this unit.I would like to sincerely thank our teaching team for their invaluable effort . I appreciate their help and support throughout the journey.


8 thoughts on “A very interesting process of learning : Emerging Technology”

  1. I understand your points about making MOOCs open by publishing in all languages, but how? MOOCs are free, the course designers aren’t generating an income stream from doing this. If they can’t publish without translating to all languages I suspect they’ll just stop publishing. There needs to be another way to get it there. Maybe Gamify the translation process?

    1. Hi Nick,

      Great Idea!! MOOC gamification. What I meant in my blog was that people who don’t read and write in English cannot really benefit from MOOC.So, if they are published in different language,it can be accessible to all those people who don’t understand English.

  2. Hi Roshan,
    It was certainly a different way of learning and I personally really enjoyed it. I was lucky enough to do some blogging assignments last semester so did not find them so strange. I love being able to use hyperlinks rather than formal APA referencing!

    I think the thing I really enjoyed was the interaction between students on this site. It is so interesting to hear what others think of your own posts and to read their own perspectives. A little bit of adjusting so it is easier to find other students’ blogs would be good but otherwise it was one of my units this semester that I most looked forward to.

    Cheers and best of luck for the future,

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Yes, we all enjoyed the unit.The format of learning process was awesome.I also think the interaction between students through feedback (comments) was a fun part of blogging.As a matter of fact, the unit was a very interactive way of learning.

      Beast of luck to you too.

  3. Hello Roshan,
    I really like your last reflection. This unit is interesting as well as challenging. In every week we have learn different and new ideas. you also talked about online identity which we have focus in this unit. Online identity tell us what we are as per our online profiles from different social accounts. and using this online identity, many recruit agency check our experiences and hobbies.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing thoughts Roshan. 🙂

    1. Hi Dimple,

      I appreciate that you agree with me.And, yes, online identity is very important for all of us.We are living in IT age, and everything around us id driven by online entities.Which online identity do you think is more important for you? personal or professional?

  4. Hi Roshan,

    I was enjoying reading you final reflection , I obviously in this unit learned a lot in different aspects, and sharing ideas with others, and to see different comments, also some of their experience it is good way to interacts and to gain some idea on what others says.


    1. Hi Abdul,

      Don’t you think it would have been so good if all the units are like IFN 612. Gamification and so many activities.
      We would learn more in that way.

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