Wrap Up Reflection

I chose to do this subject last year when I decided to do two subject in the semester in order to finish my Masters. I have on many occasions just done one subject as my wife and I both have busy jobs and our two daughters are in grade one and three so we are […]

Reflection – Maker Spaces

After reading and watching articles about maker spaces my opinion is a resounding yes they should and will be part of future libraries.  It seems libraries have always been a place of collaboration however the maker space is definitely a enhanceemnt of what has gone before.  Modern emerging technologies it seems need to be made […]

Reflection on Privacy

Reflecting on privacy online and openness in general over the last few weeks I feel a general sense of saturation. When you think about what data we give up on a daily basis whether it be location information or uses of technology or personal information on social media it seems any attempt to try and […]

Clickbait Discovery

Today I have done some searching and learning about clickbait. I feel as though I am a little bit better informed that I was.  This highlights what click bait really relies on which is a lack of vigilance and a lack of awareness by internet users.  It seems pretty simple,  deception requires one party to […]

Reflection – MOOCS

Then I first started reading about MOOCS I was of the believe that they were just as then name suggests. After doing some thinking about it I seem to have changed my position slightly.  I was first exposed to free online learning a few years back when I read an article on the best websites […]

Persona Reflection – Working Parents

Before I started this assignment I still held a belief that I was not an adopter of new technology. I thought I was still ruled by the sensibilities and habits that I developed before technology became such an important part of our lives.   Now I have completed my Persona and I reflect on how […]

Reflection on Quantified Self

When challenged to quantify myself I took the opportunity to purchase a fitbit for myself.  This is something I have had various people encourage em to do for a few years now.  I didn’t research and other products or brands I simply bought the one and only fitbit form JB High Fi. This was pretty […]

Some information about myself

Hi I am Rob Gallagher.  This is my final semester of my Masters in Business Process Management. I work for a Bank at the moment in process improvement. I have a beautiful wife and two daughters.   I have a non technical background, my undergratuate degree is a double history major.  I am joining this […]