Final Reflection – The journey of IFN612

Finally, here we are in the final reflection activity of this semester. I have so many things to say about my journey with IFN612, and it’s really hard to explain in words that what and how was my experience with this unit. But still I am trying to write as best as I can.


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At the beginning of this unit, I was very scared because of the two words i.e. ‘Emerging’ and ‘technologies’. After my graduation in IT, I opted management field, so it was a bit tough for me to come back and board the IT train again. Before starting with this unit, the information I had for this was that variety of emerging technologies and concepts will be introduced to us such as wikis, blogs, RSS, social networking sites, cloud computing, productivity apps, gamification. There was a number of thoughts running on my mind. Will I be able to cope up with this unit or not? It’s been ages that I was not in touch with IT theoretically and practically (languages). Cloud computing and mobile productivity apps were the terrified part. I was thinking to drop this subject because of my fear of not clearing this unit. But now at this point after week 12, I am happy that I have chosen this subject for my course because I really got to learn new. The delighted part of IFN612 was that we have to do our tasks fortnightly instead of weekly which was a big relief to all of us. Also, after few weeks teaching team did a modification to classes schedule that was fortnightly class instead of every week. It was beyond my expectations for this unit.

Learning Environment:

A unique thing about this unit was the learning environment i.e. learning activities – play activities and reflect activities and off course Kathleen’s exciting way of delivering lectures. It was really different way of learning from the way I studied in my home country. Let’s throw a light on my journey with IFN612. In my life, I never thought of writing blogs but this unit actually made us write our feelings, thoughts, thinking and what we see about the particular topic. If the topic is unknown then made us to think and search, play with the activities and reflect on the questions related to the topics.

The very first assignment of this unit was Persona Poster. I have never thought of creating a persona in my life. Through this assignment, I learned how to design a professional persona and how important it is in every professional’s life. After getting this task, I have seen many professionals from different industries that are using persona’s to give professional details and expertise areas that they have. Creating a poster on the way that I interact with technology in my life was an interesting assignment. Also, after attempting the play activity “Switching off” for one day, I got to know how much I am using and dependent on technology almost for every other single work.

Challenging task:

The most challenging activity I found was for week six where the play activity options were Mashups, Data visualization, MOOC’s and create your own activity. I really wanted to attempt data visualization task but due to the lack of knowledge on the subject I was not able to attempt this. Due to this reason, I tried the other task MOOC, which was an entirely new concept for me. There I got a chance to enroll myself for free online learning course. The first step I did was to register myself for the basic tutorials of “Analyzing and Visualizing data with Excel” and data analysis because from last two months I have become much more interested in data and it’s related subjects. I have my classes on this topic from end week of June 2016. The reason for enrolling in this program was to have a good profile as a professional.

Interaction with peers:

The interaction with the peers plays a very important role in my IFN612 journey; it was such a meaningful interactions. As per the unit instructions, we have to comment on two blogs fortnightly to get marks. Initially, I attempted this as a task that is just two comments fortnightly but later after third-week activity I started enjoying reading other people blogs because I was gaining knowledge and was sharing my perception with them on the same. blog-428950_960_720It gave me the power to keep open lines of communications with my peers, and teaching team. I have got a chance to share my knowledge, thoughts and feelings with other peers and got the chance to read their blogs and their point of view. It actually broadened my mind and gave me a new direction to think and see the things and helped me in understanding the topic deeply. The annoying part was once you posted your comment to your peer blog, you would not be able to edit it again and also I was unable to include a picture to those comments.

Learning experience on the whole:

On the whole, my experience was quite knowledgeable, meaningful and engaging. The quality of the learning experience was much satisfactory because initially I came up with no knowledge on the topics that we studied in this unit. But Now I am confident enough that I have a good understanding of the subjects instead of nothing. hand-largeAs far engagement to the subject is concerned, I really wanted to gain some new concepts and theories that why I engaged myself to most of the activities. For example, the week ten activity “The Game 2016”. I gave my best for this activity and was able to be in top 10. I have shared my knowledge and experience with my some other peers, introduced them to few new concepts and encourage them to use few of the things which I found that it will help me and anyone for long life that is “MOOC’s” and “Gamification” part.

One key learning:

What I will be taking away from this unit is the genuine and real meaning of ‘Emerging Technologies’.  The most important lesson I have learned in the journey of IFN612 unit is not to shun technology but embrace it. This unit offered us an opportunity of a unique learning.

Overall, I really enjoyed this unit. I would like to thank our teaching team for the efforts, help and support throughout the journey.

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8 thoughts on “Final Reflection – The journey of IFN612”

  1. Hello Palvi, I really enjoyed reading your final wrap up blog. I really like that the most important lesson you learned was not to shun technology about embrace it. I feel that this unit has definitely encouraged that. I found that a lot of the tasks that required us to use online tools for either the poster or info-graphic I have been able to use in other IT subjects. Would you agree?

  2. Hi Palvi, Really this unit provided us the great platform to interact with peers and opportunity to learn a lot about new technology. To create an app was good experience to learn more about app world. Overall, we learnt a lot more than we expected in this unit..👍🏼

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