Week 12 Learning Activity

As the first week in IFN612 , I was not too clear with the structure and had to read … and consult a colleagues, which I released the importance of the communication skills of how to represent the issues faced. To be honest, I was scary about this kind of units because it is so far away of my study major and needs a lot of time to create personal blog and improve it frequently. However, after two weeks from beginning I was able to understand the structure of the unit and the main requirements for each basement.


learning environment

During whole semester, IFN612 has a great deal of learning resources and various types of good environment which helped to improve the communication skills. Another important aspects is to discover many new things in terms of emerging of technology by creating different kinds of activates every week. The main important thing is to enhance the communication skills among student via blogs.


 Incorporating Technology into the Learning Environment, 2014

Challenge task

persona activity was one of the most challenge activity during this unit because it has new challenge to implement new important concepts in creating professional persona which can help to preview several significant interesting things in terms of professional life or daily life. At the end of this activity, I was able to create professional persona in including infographic and charts.


from free-pictograms.com

Most interesting Task

Data visualization activity was the most interesting task because I had create special infographic in terms of information security threat 2015. This kind of activity helped me to improve my design skills and finding a good way to provide a great deal of information for specific topic including colour scheme, themes, icons, texts, images, symbols, etc. in this task, I could realize that the infographic can help people to save their time and effort by reading some infographic rather than read some articles or books.

Should not have covered this task!!

The structure of the unit is very good, clear and comprehensive the latest aspect of emerging technology. In my opinion, Week 8 activity (switching off the internet for one day) was considered the difficult choices because there are many important daily online activities are very important for us to be updated and frequently check in such as, QUT emails, Twitter and Facebook activities. I really believe that this kind of activity is important to understand the negative points of using the internet but I think it is still unusual because already most of people understand all the drawbacks of using inherent or social media but they could not stopping or reducing to use it at all. Another important aspect is missing the game activity was very difficult for me because I was very interesting to do it but I could not because I was very busy with another important assessments in different units. Finally, I was thinking we will be working on specific activity relevant to information security such as cybercrimes attacks reports or Importance of information security because it has played an important role over the world in these days.

Learning experience on the whole

Through whole the 13 weeks, I came up with great deal of knowledge in man interesting topics which can help me in my future work. After finishing almost of the activities in this unit I feel confident enough that can help me to improve my skills.

 One key learning

In this unit, I learnt a great deal knowledge and it was one of the best unit that I have studied.

Overall, I really enjoyed this unit and it is a good opportunity to thank all unit’s staff for their effort and time during this semester.


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