Forgotten Memories

I always have to smile when I see this photo. It is me and my first child, Nick, back in 1988.  I was leaving hospital that day with a brand new baby, and I was pretty happy about it, as you can see.

I have to smile because I think about how ridiculously young I was, and how supremely confident I was that everything was going to be ok.  The confidence of the truly ignorant. I had no idea what I was in for.

But I guess everything did turn out ok, because we just celebrated Nick’s 28th birthday on Wednesday night.  He is a Dad now, himself, and has been through (is going through) his own transformation into parenthood.

And of course I have to smile at the bad 80’s hair 🙂

Me with my first child, and bad 80's hair.
Me with my first child, and bad 80’s hair.

10 thoughts on “Forgotten Memories”

    1. Thank you, Raphael. Yes, you are probably still younger than my boys, who range in age from 23 – 28. Undoubtedly you have a lot of uncertainty, transformation, and fun times to come! Remember that when your wife is telling you to hold the crying baby while she has a shower!

  1. Hi Michele

    Being a parents is an experience that can only be experienced to understand the feeling.Obviously your confidence is all you have to face the unknown in that scenario and its good to know its worked well .

  2. Hi Michele, good picture! You look so young on the picture. I really thought you held your little brother if I didn’t see your description.
    That little boy has been a father now. I think you must feel very happy when you look at this picture.

    1. Thanks Joy! Yes, I was a baby myself all those years ago. And it is sometimes unbelievable to think that all those years have passed and that baby is also a father now.

  3. It is good to see a happy shot of a new mother with her baby. I didn’t get one of me and my daughter when I was in the hospital. I found the birth experience unpleasant and it ended as an emergency Caesar which left me feeling drained and very sore. I didn’t get photos with her until she was a couple of weeks old, when I felt I could be on camera. They certainly don’t warn you of what you will be in for in parenting. I still have a bit to go with my parenting. Hope you are enjoying the grandparenting. My sister became a grandmother three weeks ago and her daughter was a ’88 baby too.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I hope you are doing ok now. Those birth experiences can be truly traumatic. I have been very lucky with my pregnancies and deliveries to have no complications.

      I think even if they did warn us of what we would be in for, we wouldn’t *really* hear it anyway, because how can you truly understand something like that until you have experienced it?

      I am adjusting to the grandparenting thing. I still look around for my mum when they say “Grandma”, though 🙂

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