Unit Reflection

Think back to Week 1 and consider what you were looking forward to in this unit, and what you were not looking forward to in this unit. Did the reality match up to the expectation?

When I started doing this class I’m looking forward to learning new technology and the impact on myself and the world around me. The reality surpasses my expectation where the class not just only talk about the new technology but new concept like openness, gamification, the divide, and the impact and the disruptions that they may bring. I also thought the class will swing more to the technical part but it has a philosophical aspect also. It teaches me about concept that I didn’t know before and the effect it could have in the society.

What are your impressions of the learning environment in this unit? Did it work? Consider the mix of online activities and workshops, the use of various media for learning materials, the nature of the assessment.

The learning environment is great. It is, really. It’s interesting that the class can be attended without being on campus, I never see an implementation of adobe technology like that where the student can be in the class live from different location, not just depend on the blackboard recording service. The activities are very interesting for me where there is different way for the student to finish and get understanding from the assignment. The assessment is also a hand on way to put your view on how’s technology is affecting other people that is using it or going to use it. Using the blog as a tool to share assignment is also very effective where I can receive almost instant feedback about the post I made.

Which of the weekly activities did you find the most challenging?

Because of the multiple way of finishing the activities, it isn’t so hard to find an alternative to do the weekly activity. Like the maker space and the game activity, I can’t find an activity in that maker space that I can attend so I did the Create my own game for the library. The biggest hurdle I have is the commenting because there isn’t a reminder so I forget on it altogether.

Which of the weekly topics – the technologies – did you find the most interesting? Which did you enjoy the least?

  • Serious games, gamification, and Open data are the most interesting, one of it is my area of study and the other is the impact that it can have on the innovation and education.
  • I enjoy all the topic but if I must name one is privacy.

Were there any technologies that you felt were missing from the unit? Were there any technologies that you think we shouldn’t have covered?

Not really, the unit cover enough technology and concept. But I would like to see more on the implementation of technology in education in more depth. on in the other hand I want the unit to cover more.

If you had to communicate one key learning what would it be?

Openness can really change the landscape of thing if the masses willing to adopt it. The availability of those research and information can really create new and beautiful things. The availability of several picture can create a more grandeur picture. We can hope what the availability of information can achieve in the future.

Were there any lightbulb moments for you in this unit? If so, what were they?

There is one, the internet can be a very powerful tool for democratization of education and knowledge where student can access the same standard of education and information anywhere in the globe. This will help them grow and exposing them this kind of technology and the wonder of the World Wide Web, may shape their way of thinking to be more open and accepting. Would it be a better place?

Consider whether, on the whole, you enjoyed this unit. Now consider, on the whole, the quality of your learning experience – how much you learned, and the depth of your engagement with the content.

I never engage a unit this deep, where I actually researched the topic and involved in the class every week. The topic each fortnightly show the concept in a different light that I usually see them, again like openness and VR I never thought that it is being used in health that much. Looking back, I really enjoyed this class.

What is the key take-away for you in this unit – the one thing you’ve come to understand at a deep level? It might be something content related, or it might be something about you as a learner, or something completely different.

Openness, Maker Movement, Gamification, VR. I also see that there is still an aspect of technology that I failed to see, for ex: The Digital Divide, this concept didn’t exist before for me where people that can’t use or afford the technology. It hinders the integration of technology and access information to the bigger public. Until now I never think it as that way, what impact that that may have on the masses. There is people that never hear about technology that can impact their lives like 3D printing and VR.

Incorporate any other thoughts or ideas that strike you as important.

More hands on activity for the unit, where maybe the student can try the technology talked in the class. Flying a drone in class will be fun.

To think that this unit is already over and it’s been a fun ride learning all of this concept and technology. Where it’s a great exposure for me, understanding little known concept and knowledge that can change a way of thinking. A way to change the world little by little.

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