Unit Reflection

Think back to Week 1 and consider what you were looking forward to in this unit, and what you were not looking forward to in this unit. Did the reality match up to the expectation?

When I started doing this class I’m looking forward to learning new technology and the impact on myself and the world around me. The reality surpasses my expectation where the class not just only talk about the new technology but new concept like openness, gamification, the divide, and the impact and the disruptions that they may bring. I also thought the class will swing more to the technical part but it has a philosophical aspect also. It teaches me about concept that I didn’t know before and the effect it could have in the society.

What are your impressions of the learning environment in this unit? Did it work? Consider the mix of online activities and workshops, the use of various media for learning materials, the nature of the assessment.

The learning environment is great. It is, really. It’s interesting that the class can be attended without being on campus, I never see an implementation of adobe technology like that where the student can be in the class live from different location, not just depend on the blackboard recording service. The activities are very interesting for me where there is different way for the student to finish and get understanding from the assignment. The assessment is also a hand on way to put your view on how’s technology is affecting other people that is using it or going to use it. Using the blog as a tool to share assignment is also very effective where I can receive almost instant feedback about the post I made.

Which of the weekly activities did you find the most challenging?

Because of the multiple way of finishing the activities, it isn’t so hard to find an alternative to do the weekly activity. Like the maker space and the game activity, I can’t find an activity in that maker space that I can attend so I did the Create my own game for the library. The biggest hurdle I have is the commenting because there isn’t a reminder so I forget on it altogether.

Which of the weekly topics – the technologies – did you find the most interesting? Which did you enjoy the least?

  • Serious games, gamification, and Open data are the most interesting, one of it is my area of study and the other is the impact that it can have on the innovation and education.
  • I enjoy all the topic but if I must name one is privacy.

Were there any technologies that you felt were missing from the unit? Were there any technologies that you think we shouldn’t have covered?

Not really, the unit cover enough technology and concept. But I would like to see more on the implementation of technology in education in more depth. on in the other hand I want the unit to cover more.

If you had to communicate one key learning what would it be?

Openness can really change the landscape of thing if the masses willing to adopt it. The availability of those research and information can really create new and beautiful things. The availability of several picture can create a more grandeur picture. We can hope what the availability of information can achieve in the future.

Were there any lightbulb moments for you in this unit? If so, what were they?

There is one, the internet can be a very powerful tool for democratization of education and knowledge where student can access the same standard of education and information anywhere in the globe. This will help them grow and exposing them this kind of technology and the wonder of the World Wide Web, may shape their way of thinking to be more open and accepting. Would it be a better place?

Consider whether, on the whole, you enjoyed this unit. Now consider, on the whole, the quality of your learning experience – how much you learned, and the depth of your engagement with the content.

I never engage a unit this deep, where I actually researched the topic and involved in the class every week. The topic each fortnightly show the concept in a different light that I usually see them, again like openness and VR I never thought that it is being used in health that much. Looking back, I really enjoyed this class.

What is the key take-away for you in this unit – the one thing you’ve come to understand at a deep level? It might be something content related, or it might be something about you as a learner, or something completely different.

Openness, Maker Movement, Gamification, VR. I also see that there is still an aspect of technology that I failed to see, for ex: The Digital Divide, this concept didn’t exist before for me where people that can’t use or afford the technology. It hinders the integration of technology and access information to the bigger public. Until now I never think it as that way, what impact that that may have on the masses. There is people that never hear about technology that can impact their lives like 3D printing and VR.

Incorporate any other thoughts or ideas that strike you as important.

More hands on activity for the unit, where maybe the student can try the technology talked in the class. Flying a drone in class will be fun.

To think that this unit is already over and it’s been a fun ride learning all of this concept and technology. Where it’s a great exposure for me, understanding little known concept and knowledge that can change a way of thinking. A way to change the world little by little.

Week 10 – My Take on Gamification

For my reflection I have my own view on gamification.

Gamification is a concept that the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

It is a great tool to be used for engaging people but sometime the implementation is just bad. The main engagement in game is formed from several factor mainly Story and Flow. Where story is the part of the game that engage the player to know more of the of the game and the progression of the game. The player continue on the game to know what happen to the princess or the hero. Flow is the skill and gameplay aspect of the game where the player is in the zone and keep on playing the game.

Most of the implemented gamification in application is just the aspect of number, badges, and scores. This implementation is bad doesn’t really engage the way they have to or just an implementation of the Skinner’s Operant Conditioning .

It should have implemented the more engaging part of the game design either the story or the Flow theory. It breed a new slew of more interesting gamification app.

Week 10 – Augmented Reality Library Game

A Treasure hunt ARG inside the library in the style of National Treasure and Da-Vinci Code.

The target demography will be children and teen. The theme can be tailored to touch the older or younger demography.

The aim of the game for the player is to unlock a puzzle that revolves around history.

The real aim is to interest the children on history by using Tangential Learning. Help them learn and understand about the history itself even the small story of it.

The rule is simple, the player have to solve the puzzle that is given for the ARG event on the library. Using all the tool they can use. Search for a book on the library, Wikipedia on the net, even the library on-line system. If the library have a Fab lab the puzzle can also revolves around that, ex: opening a locking mechanism on a box by fabricating the unlocking key that based on the history. The library can also fabricate their own puzzle like a puzzle box or even a cryptex.

The story for the ARG is dependant on the focus of the library or the theme that the library is running at that time. This is important because the theme and the story will be the main driving force for the player.

If budget isn’t rally a problem the ARG will have a star studded cast that will narrate, give exposition, and  help the player. A movie or tv series tie in that will adapt to the progress of the ARG.


Week 8 – Reflect

Drones have huge implications for collecting data. How do you feel about them? Are they going to be helpful, or cause privacy headaches, and how will the information they collect be managed?

Drones they are a neat technology, I personally think that they can bring so much to the field. Opening new sport, new angle in media capturing, search and rescue, delivery, security, and also in a simplest form a new toy.

The privacy and security issues brought up with the increasing availability and usage of drones is quite interesting. but in my personal opinion I think that drone can follow the same rule as a camera man, where the scope of the problem is similar. It’s a breach of the privately owned space and the privacy that come with it. If the drone break any law and or breach a privately owned space that i suppose there is a law that cover that.

The public outrage I think happened because of the degree of freedom and the capabilities of the drones and also the absence of the operator at the spot. This I think can be mitigated by  registering the ownership of the drone, so the respective drone have an owner that is responsible for it.

Google  have done similar thing with his street view where people started asking for car number, road number, faces, or any other personal information censored.

In the long term I think it will be a very helpful thing. drone that can scan the area of fire for people need help, drone that can respond to people in trouble, a drone that can capture you in a video when you are surfing, biking, skiing. The usage is far and wide, and it’s still growing.



Week 8 Play – Switch Off


Switching off is an interesting experience. I never thought how much the net provided entertainment and how much tied it is to our daily lives.

I just notice how big the role of 9Gag, YouTube, Netflix, Crunchyroll and Flipboard on my daily entertainment and media. Almost all of it is provided through all of them. I never watch cable TV for almost a year, all my series and movie is provided thru the net.

In Gaming entertainment I just notice that Steam is tied to the net also. That playing games out of the picture. The net is a big part of gaming that by turning it off I can’t play of having to play in a less enjoyable state. Heartstone a card game for my ipad need the internet to be played. Dark soul 3 is less enjoyable without the connectivity to other player. I think the only offline game that I have is minesweeper and solitaire.

On the other hand I interact more with my house mate more, because all of my messenger that I can use is connected thru the web. So talking to far away people is out of the question.

For the whole day,I have the urge to connect to the net again 10 times. Several of them is just because I’m bored and need entertainment. 2 of them when I want to to play games. 1 of them is because I want to contact my friend because I’m so bored.

Being a big part of my life, removing the net just for a day is a very hard experience. The net is so intertwine with our life that removing it hinder almost all of my daily routine. I know I can survive the world without the net, but it provided so much in my life

Week 6 – Reflection

Open data is the future of the web. The key for this may be the word access.

Open data is the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.[1]

With open data people can access more information, with more data they can make more connection, with this they can innovate more. The access to more data may be the one that enable us to use the web more efficiently.

The internet itself accelerated the spread of information, this created many innovation in numerous field. The availability of the information help pushed this innovation. With this what will happen if the information is made available openly. The internet itself from it’s conception as DARPA net, to the WEB2.0 and more, it was created to enable the spread of data to the whole world.

Open data may pave a new way for innovation in the age of the web.

Poster Reflection

Wikipedia explained that:

In user-centered design and marketing, personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way.[1] Marketers may use personas together with market segmentation, where the qualitative personas are constructed to be representative of specific segments.

In my experience in making and using the persona, I can say that a persona is a very useful tool. I have two occasion on using this tool, on this class and on another design class.

On creation of the persona for the poster, I can see how it’s helpful for the designer. It can show how the user/group that the user represent thinks. This are important aspects for the core of the design.

On the creation of the  one that I made for the other class helped me to see what the group need and want, what feature need to be added for the application that is being made. The persona helped in the brainstorming and the UI and UX aspect.

In conclusion for me persona is really important in designing an application and other project , it open insight and the needs of the target demography.

Week 4 Reflection

My reflection on the mobile App.

The mobile is changing the way I do my daily routine in a big way. Personally I can enjoy entertainment anywhere and from a bigger poll, like this one and this one. No more fighting for TV any more I can watch it on Netflix. I can play and pass time anywhere no need big console or pc to play some game, I can play it in my small phone, as long as the battery holds. The biggest change that I feel is to enjoy some music. I don’t need to find good music on the radio any more, don’t need to buy a CD that may contain good music or not. by using Apple music, YouTube, and Spotify I can find a music that I like and download it from anywhere. This change expanded my music library and the way I hear music.

The addition of Google maps itself change our way to find a location and how we travel. We can just search a location on a phone and the phone can guide us there. I still remember when I have to consult a map just to find a restaurant. The mobile web also changes how we travel also where if we went to a new country or even a new city we usually search for the restaurant we know or the tourist area, but using this we can search the top 10 best restaurant, in Tokyo maybe. It can even translate text for us if we need to communicate.

In my academic lives, the impact is more on the Web itself not on the mobile where the information that we can access is vast and easy. The way we learn is changing also, I can learn language on-line right now for free, I can learn programming here and here. I can learn almost everything on-line, I can even learn about something in YouTube. The addition of mobile help me to access the information everywhere. I can search about trigonometry in the toilet and read about it, and all of its history and formula in one page.

We can’t deny that the effect the mobile have on our life is big. The effect on how we consume information is changed by the the mobile movement itself where information is available on your fingertip.  Information is accessible by us everywhere any time it changed a lot of landscape big.


Week 4 APP

My app is an Magic: the Gathering(MTG) event locator and on-line gathering place.


The app mainly help the player to locate event that is happening around them on certain day or for the next 7 day. It uses GPS find the nearest event in certain radius, then the player can choose to attend the event or just bookmarking them reminding them later. The player can also choose to share the event on Facebook or other social media, shading them via a link, or just to their friend in their app.


EVENTS DETAILStore owner, other player, event organizer, and groups can creates events for other player to find. They can set the location of their event and the event type and description.

This app will help them to quantify how many people that is attending the event and help them prepare for the number of people that is attending.


The app will have chat system and forum implemented. This will help them to share and connect will other people in their area. The forum will help them to share the information on the game.

The app will be accessible on the Web, this will help the to share and access their info on the  browser. make it easier to use.

This is my app idea thank you for your attention

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