Week 8 Class

This week we will have your Persona Poster exhibition in The Cube prior to class. The poster exhibition will run from 5-6pm. There will be pizza! If you are attending the poster exhibition on campus please make sure you RSVP via this poll  and email Kathleen (k.smeaton@qut.edu.au) if you have any dietary requirements.

Following the poster exhibition we will have class from 6-9pm in S408. Please note that if you are joining the class online and we are a few minutes late we may be making our way back from The Cube.

Access the class.

If you weren’t able to make it to class then you can view a recording of the class via Echo360 below. Use your student number and password to log in.


You can also view the slides from the Week 8 class. ifn612 week 8 slides

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