Week 2 learning activites

We know that some of you might still be working on the first play activities so with that in mind we have kept these ones short and sweet. And related to the first play activity. The sooner you can do them, the better! The Play and Reflect activities below are due by  by Sunday 20 March. 




This week you have a choice of three play activities. You are only required to complete one activity.

Option 1

Google yourself. Find out what type of image you present online, are you hard to find or easy to find? Are your social media accounts easily accessible and do you want them to be? Attach a screen shot of your search and comment on the first 3 results, telling us if they relate to you and how you feel about them being the first hits when you type your name into Google.

Option 2

Tell us about an uncommon social media site you either use, or which you joined before you realised it wasn’t going to be the next big thing. Each year companies try to emulate the success of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by telling us that their social network is the place to be. Tell us about one you use or joined, including a screen shot of the site in your blog post.

Option 3

Interact with an organisation. Whether it is a Facebook page you like, a Twitter account you follow, or some other way you interact with an organisation via social media, tell us about it. Include a screen shot of the organisations account and tell us why you like, or dislike the way they operate on social media.

**Note** In your play blog posts this week you are only expected to write 150-300 words, but feel free to write more! You might even like to incorporate them with you reflect post and simply write one long post.






This is one of the most important Reflect post’s you’ll write all semester. It’s time for you to start thinking about how you want to construct your professional online identity. Your challenge is to write a post about your professional identity online, and specifically how you plan to present yourself in this unit. The following prompts might help you get started with your post, but don’t feel you have to respond to these questions.

  • How much of yourself are you willing to disclose? Where is your line in the sand? Where will you put the line in terms of your participation in this unit? When you are out in the profession, do you think the line will be in the same place? Are you constructing a student identity, or a professional identity?
  • What are the different aspects of your identity? And how do these play out online? What hats do you put on when you’re on the web? Are you a crafter? A cook? A parent? A professional? What does the whole picture look like?
  • Have you got a really common name? How might you deal with that?
  • How do you feel about the phrase ‘personal brand’? What connotations does it have for you?
  • How do you feel about the way that organisations might be using the data that you share online? Are you comfortable with the information you give away?

We don’t want to set word lengths because blogging style is a personal thing. But students alway ask, so we’ll give you a guide.  Aim to write 500 words. You are welcome to write more. Write as much as you need to write in order to sense-make and clarify your thinking.

Try to apply the principles of ‘good blogging’ outlined under the writing blogs page– things like choosing a snappy (but appropriate) post title, incorporating hyperlinks in the text where it makes sense to, including images or other media. And don’t forget to tag and categorise your post!


  • KR Reply

    So do we create 2 separate blog posts this week? One for the Play activity, and one for the Reflect activity?

    • kathleen Reply

      Hi Karina,

      It is up to you, some people like to create two blog posts to separate the activities, others might choose to do one and put some headings in to make it clear where the play and reflect are. As long as I can see that you have completed both parts of the activity how you format the blog is up to you.



      • Jo Gray Reply

        Hi Kathleen,

        Without realising I’d answered the reflective work in the play activity. It’s blended in together, is that going to cause any concern or would you prefer I do reflective work as well?


        • kathleen Reply

          Hi Jo,

          That’s fine, looking at your post I can see you have completed both parts of the activity so all good.



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