The game 2016


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This fortnight we’re taking a look at gamification, so away we go!

For this play activity you’ll be accruing points, earning badges, and completing challenges. And there’s prizes too for the top 3 scorers! The game commences at 9:00am on Monday, 9 May and concludes at 5:00pm on Sunday, 22 May. You need to earn 250 points to have successfully completed this play activity.

So how do I earn points?

1. Get active on your blogs. There are a number of hidden achievements that will be awarded for various activities. When you unlock one, you’ll get a badge and points. The full list of achievements will be revealed at the conclusion of the game.

2. Challenges will be announced during the fortnight. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

3. Let’s get started with a treasure hunt. 

In preparation for Assignment 3, we’re getting you to explore the QUT Library website and databases. Your first mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the answers to the questions below. You have until Sunday, 22nd May at 5:00pm to complete this challenge.

Email your answers to Katya at to earn your reward points and, if you get all the questions right, your treasure hunt badge! Each question you get right is worth 20 points. If you get all three correct, you get a bonus 100 points (160 points in total).

  1. When researching company information, which two databases are recommended for identifying a company’s major competitors (Hint: from the Library’s homepage, go to Search and Borrow, then to How to Find)?
  2. What are the three Open Access models identified on the Researchers’ section of the QUT Library website?
  3. If you wanted to explore the world of games in further depth, QUT Library has games for various platforms available to borrow. Did you know that the library also has a Games Lab where you can play these games on a variety of consoles? Where is this Games Lab located?


4. Picture this

Find this spot at the Gardens Point campus and snap a selfie of yourself in it, and email me the picture at Can’t make it into campus? Find a CC licensed image of the space and mash it up with a photo of you, so you’re in the frame. Feel free to add your picture to your blog.

This challenge is worth 40 points and expires on Sunday, 22 May at 5:00pm.


You have 24 hours to make five comments on your peers’ blog posts from 9:00am Friday 13 May. Grab the link for each post you comment on, make a list of them, then send them to me at when you’re done. Remember, your comments must be constructive and contribute to the conversation.

WARNING: We will deduct 6 points for each comment that doesn’t meet this (admittedly subjective) criteria. Which means you could end up with negative points!!! A bonus 20 points will be allocated to the best comment in the class. All decisions will be Katya’s and Kathleen’s, are final and non-negotiable.

This challenge is worth 25 points and expires on 9:00am Saturday 14 May.

6. Name that game (on Twitter)

Tweet the name of your favourite game and why you love it – remember to add the #ifn612 hashtag. As not all of you are on Twitter, it’s worth 10 points only. But this just might be enough to bump you up a place on the leaderboard or encourage you to sign up for Twitter. This challenge expires at 5:00pm on Wednesday, 18 May. [THIS CHALLENGE HAS NOW EXPIRED]

If you have a private account we won’t be able to see it, so email a screenshot to me at

7. The Eurovision Game Contest

This activity has several parts. For full details, including rules and points, have a look at the Eurovision Game Contest page.

  1. Come up with your own challenge for your classmates to participate in. Include rules and points allocated.
  2. Email your idea to me at before 11:59pm on Tuesday, 17 May [SUBMISSIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED].
  3. Vote for your top choice here: Voting closes at 9:00pm on Thursday, 19 May. [VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED]
  4. The winning challenge is Forgotten Memories. You have until 5:00pm on Sunday, 22 May to complete this activity.