Week 10 Class

Our class this week will run from 6pm-9pm in S408. If you can’t make it to campus you can access the class via Adobe Connect.

Additional resources from the class are available here.

If you weren’t able to make it to class you can access a recording of the lecture via Echo360. Please use your QUT student username and password to access the recording.



  • Kaley Reply

    I’m a bit confused? Apologies if you’ve addressed this elsewhere. It looks like this class is clashing with INF2620’s fieldwork class? It says both are on at 6pm tonight? Have I missed something?

    • kathleen Reply

      Hi Kaley,

      Sorry the fieldwork class for IFN620 was on Tuesday night, there might be an issue with the IFN620 schedule.

      The fieldwork class was recorded though, and you can ask me any questions you like.



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