Week 1 learning resources

 Weekly learning resources

Each week, a range of learning materials will be made available from the weekly learning materials pages in the unit site. For this week there is only one learning resource that you need to look at, Gartner’s top 10 predictions for 2016. We will chat about these predictions in class this week, and you will need to highlight one prediction on your first blog post.

While we have only one resource for Week 1, in the other weeks here’s an overview of what you can expect to see.

The resources will be accompanied by learning activities – Play and Reflect activities. All students must complete all the weekly learning activities.



You’ll find one or more videos in each week’s learning resources. These are a mix of videos created by the teaching team and videos we have found in our travels




Academic readings and blog posts will provide background on the topic and examples of applications in information practice.


Want more? 

Just can’t get enough? In some weeks, additional learning resources will be posted for those of you who are super keen and want to know more! These resources are supplementary – you don’t need to make use of them in order to complete the learning activity.



The fun part! This is where you get to try out the technologies we’re learning about. The best way to keep on top of emerging technologies is to play, so every week you’ll get to complete a range of activities that allow you to explore how the technologies work. Most importantly, you will not be given step by step instructions for how to complete the play components of the learning activities. You need to play in order to figure out what you need to do! And you can apply your information seeking skills to find the information you need to complete the activities. If you’re stuck, post a question on the unit site and your peers will help you work out what you need to do. Make sure you keep an eye out for your peers’ questions, too.



Reflect activities give you the opportunity to engage with the issues related to emerging and social technologies and their applications in information practice. You can write blog posts or create videos that you post to your blog. They don’t need to be lengthy – 500 words or 3 minutes at a minimum. You will be required to apply blogging conventions in your posts – things like using images, contextual hyperlinking, acknowledging sources (without formal referencing!).

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