Learning materials

In IFN612, we don’t have weekly classes. In lieu of weekly classes, we use online learning resources and complete online activities.

Here is an overview of how learning in the unit is structured.

Online learning resources and activities

Each fortnight, we’ll post a variety of learning resources for you to work through in your own time. There will also be a Play and a Reflect activity each fortnight.

There are pages for each week, accessible from Learning resources > Week x.

Please check the Assessment page for information on requirements with regard to Play and Reflect activities.

Class pages

There will be a page for each of the classes, accessible from Learning resources > Week x > Week x class.

The class pages will include pre-reading, recordings of classes, and information about our guest lecturers.

Class schedule

Checkout the IFN612 Schedule


Classes will run from 6pm to 9pm in GP S408.

Attend classes online 

Online students have the option of attending classes live via Adobe Connect

Can’t attend online or on campus?

All classes will also be recorded for students who are unable to attend. Recordings will be posted to the weekly page as soon as possible after class.


  • Kelly Young Reply

    Hi, I just wanted to double check the Workshop 3 – does it fall on Good Friday? Should this say Thursday?

    • kathleen Reply

      Hi Kelly,

      Yes it should say Thursday! Thanks for spotting this. I have now updated the unit schedule so it shows the correct dates and rooms.



  • Elizabeth Smith Reply

    Hi Your online class and the online tutorial for IFN 600 clash. If it is ok I will attend the ITN 600 session tonight and attend your one next week as I haven’t got myself organised with unit yet. I will have to reregister as I didn’t set up the blog. I will sort this out tomorrow. Hope this is ok. Thanks.

    • Katya Henry Reply

      Hi Elizabeth,

      That’s fine! Kathleen will be putting up the recordings from the workshops. I’ve deleted your account so you can re-register now also.


  • Helen Treherne Reply

    Hi Kathleen
    I hope that this will post – I have registered for emails – I haven’t received mail yet from IFN612, but had an email from Katya. I think that was a direct email though, not via the website. Thanks for a great session last night – looking forward to exploring new apps, new software, new uses for technology.
    Cheers, Helen

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