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The Rise and Rise of our Robot Overlords?

It’s been a very interesting few weeks out there in interweb land…yippee kai ay! Of course, my inquisitive eye was drawn to a intriguing pieces on technology – with a good old dash of conspiracy theorism thrown in just for spice. Doesn’t do to encase our brains in an echo chamber of confirmation bias, after Read more about The Rise and Rise of our Robot Overlords?[…]

Gameification – just another bandwagon?

Alright…so we all know that kids learn by playing. This is more than a maxim now. It’s been measured, verified, established – particularly in the early childhood space. This shift from didactic learning to experiential learning is nothing new. When I was studying my undergrad some 20 years ago, experiential learning was the technique imparted Read more about Gameification – just another bandwagon?[…]

Wk 8 Reflection – Cyberspace Civility and Commerce

The closing statement of  John Barlow’s 1996 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace ends thusly: “We will create a civilisation of the Mind in Cyberspace. May it be more humane and fair than the world your governments have made before.” Ten years later, I cannot help but gasp at Barlow’s naivety. There is a strong, Read more about Wk 8 Reflection – Cyberspace Civility and Commerce[…]

Technology from an artist’s perspective

I exist in two distinctly different worlds. One foot is in the creative arts. The other is firmly planted in the post-modern business world of here and now. Business, how it is done, has been transformed by technology. Though I remain skeptical that the creative arts can ever be authentically distilled onto a microprocessor, technology Read more about Technology from an artist’s perspective[…]

Week 4 Reflection – Mobile Web

At home It’s an ordinary night. Dinner’s been eaten and everyone has planted themselves elsewhere hoping the dishes will be done by the magical house Elf that no one has seen but everyone still believes in. Like Santa, I suppose. Or unicorns. Do people still believe in unicorns? Did I just ask that question out Read more about Week 4 Reflection – Mobile Web[…]

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