Remember that in this unit it’s all about building connections and taking charge of your own learning. And that the questions you want answers to might be things that have already been asked, or things your peers are thinking about it. With that in mind remember that your personal learning network is only a post away!

Try posting on the unit site or on Twitter with the unit hashtag #ifn612.

If your question is something more private please contact Kathleen at

WordPress help

The following videos will give you a quick guide to some of the basic functions of your Learning blogs. You might like to watch them to get an idea of how your site will work, how to post, how to add images and change themes. But the best piece of advice we can give you is to play! You won’t break your site, so get started by playing with the different options.

Overview of your learning blog dashboard


Adding posts to your learning blog


Using and changing themes

Remember that these are only a few basic WordPress functions, if you are looking to do more with your blog then we recommend visiting the QUT Library website and searching for videos in There are also lots of resources available on the web, start searching and see what you can find.

Need help with something outside this unit? 

QUT has a wide range of support and services for students. If you need help navigating these services please contact Kathleen.


  • Ruth McConchie Reply

    Hi IFN612 team,

    My site has completely gone down. From the error message, there appears to be something wrong with the zerif theme coding. @admin is there anything you can do from the back end or is it time for a new site?


    • kathleen Reply

      Hi Ruth,

      We have applied an update that will fix the issue, your site should be working now.



  • Ruth McConchie Reply

    Hi Kathleen,

    Fantastic! Thank you so much.


  • Kumarathevan(Steve) Reply

    Hi Kathleen,

    Keep getting Resource limits reached, unable to post my Reflective post at the moment. Been trying for 30m . Not sure whether can be posted before the due time today.

    • Katya Henry Reply

      Hi Steve,
      I was getting the same thing. Must be everyone trying to submit at the last minute! Not to worry. You’ll be fine.

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