Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories is a game which simply requires the player to think about an enjoyable memory and bring it into the present. 
Raphael, the game’s creator, writes, “I know from experience that many of us are stressed throughout the year and try to perform as well as possible in their units. While we invest a lot of time into our studies, we often forget about the people and activities which make us happy outside the university life.”


  • Create a blog post with a picture of your favourite activity, location, or person, and write about why thinking about the posted photo makes you smile.
  • Give your blog post the title Forgotten Memories so that it can be easily found by your classmates.
  • Comment on your classmates’ Forgotten Memories blogposts for extra points.
  • Submit the link of your post and any comments you make to Katya at before 5:00pm on Sunday, 22 May.



  • Blog Creation (including picture and story): 100 points
  • Commenting on a blog: 20 points (max. 60 points)
Please note that there are no bonus points for the best photo or story. This challenge is not about being the fastest, best, or most skilled in photographing or writing. It is merely about sharing something which makes you happy in your life.