Eurovision Game Contest

In honour of the Eurovision Song Contest, this last week of the game will be devoted to the Eurovision Game Contest.

This activity has several parts.

  1. Come up with your own challenge for your classmates to participate in. Include rules and points allocated.
  2. Email your idea to me at before 11:59pm on Tuesday, 17 May [SUBMISSIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED].
  3. Cast your vote for your favourite shortlisted challenge here: Voting closes at 9:00pm on Thursday, 19 May. You may only vote once! [VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED].
  4. The winning challenge is Forgotten Memories. You have until 5:00pm on Sunday, 22 May to complete this activity!


The rules:

  • You may only submit one idea.
  • Your idea must be an achievable challenge, open to all participants.
  • The 10 shortlisted challenges will be determined by an impartial judge (i.e. not me). The decision is final!
  • You may vote for your own challenge, but you can only vote once.

The points:

  • Each person who submits a challenge that meets the criteria above receives 50 points.
  • If your challenge is shortlisted you receive a bonus 20 points.
  • You receive an additional 3 points for each vote you receive.
  • The  winning challenge receives a bonus 50 points.
  • Points for the actual challenge are to be determined by the challenge’s creator.*

*Amendments to the rules may be requested in order to maintain a fair playing field.