Week8: Reflection

The Internet is a storehouse of limitless information, some good and some bad. While misinformation can have serious consequences, is there a need for β€˜fact police’ on the Internet or should we concentrating on information literacy to help people navigate the information?

If we talking about internet, there are so many things to say about. Internet is one of the biggest sources of information. Internet is a interconnected network which helps us by giving facility of communication and information. Internet has a huge storage where all information can store. All classes and lectures run online on the internet in this modern generation. However, there are good and bad information on the internet. As my knowledge, all good and bad information in the internet uploaded by the user itself.
There are so many information on the internet. However, there are also user blog where they upload their information. This information may be public or private. In the competition of the world, people upload their information in public. This information can view by anyone. Information can be in any form, such as, in paragraph, video, audio, graph, chart or more. There is no restriction on the internet for any kind of information. That means anyone can upload any kind of information either good or bad, there are no body that can stop it. Yes, there is one option, where other user can report about the particular information is bad. In my opinion, the information on the internet should be any copyright information or any scientific information which allows clear understanding of the information.
However, internet has billions of pages or information which are free of cost to use and download. There is no any guaranty to be any good quality information. There are many errors and fraudulent data on the internet which disturb the original data. The blog writer could be anyone. May be he/she is professional person or any normal person. So, it is hard to decide the provided information is professional or not. It is hard to find any original or professional data on the internet unless we buy any publication or documentary.
People around the world can upload any data which can help other user to find the fact or any harmful information which can destroy the user. As I have seen some website has the information of teaching and providing the information about gangsters and their techniques. This is bad information which can make any good person to bad one.
In this decade, all children are growing around the smart device. Parents just giving their children smart phones and children playing and watching cartoons all the time. However, children are very smart now days. They know how to access the internet and things. Bad thing about the smart phone to the children is they can watch any program if their parents is busy with their work and could not look after their child. Children can learn bad things using these smart devices.
There are many things need to change to overcome the increasing level of misinformation on the internet. It is very hard now to remove all the bad data from the internet. People now days just uploading information without watching are it really good or bad. However, users also upload the information about harassment and any sexual data. People getting bad by watching and reading this bad data. To overcome this situation, the copyright publication should be uploading to the internet. All other information from the user should only viewable to the user who uploaded and their friends with whom they want to share. This information should not be viewable on the public sites.
Other option is spy. There should be some person who can manage the information on the internet. They should have a job to set all information for the proper place. In short, there should be anyone who should watch what is going on to the internet. My point is that, there will be some person who can manage good or bad information on the internet. In addition, very bad information like: crime, there should be someone who should manage and control the user’s activity.

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  1. Thanks for highlight the issue of kids, it is so important that kids know how to read information critically. But if their parents are lacking these skills this can be a real issue. I think this is where education plays a really critical role.

    1. Thank you for your comment kathleen. πŸ™‚
      I have seen, some of my relative’s children always on the smart phones or tablets. If we try to remove smart phones and tablets, they cry a lot and later parents have to give them smart phones to keep them happy. This is what I believe. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Dimple,
    True, young children’s are very smart nowadays. Children’s are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression. Parents are providing smartphones to their kids because of the security concerns. It’s imperative for parents that if they are providing smart devices to the kids, they should give them the directions of the usage of the devices in a positive way. Also, should keep an eye on them and their usage in order to make sure they are not misusing the facility. Misinformation always attracts people towards them. I have seen some of the people doing a magnificent job with the kids especially related to the internet. Like by limiting the web usage on their devices, I mean by limiting GB’s of the internet.

  3. Continuation to above…
    Also about the correct or reviewed information, I would recommend you to use Google Scholar section. It provides a useful and relevant amount of information from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. It can be a little help for us to discover relevant work across the world of scholarly research.

  4. Interesting post Dimple. I agree with you that there needs to be some control on the internet to protect children and teens who are so vulnerable. From bullying on social media by their peers to online adult predators posing as children/teens- it can be a dangerous and frightening place for them. Often they don’t understand the risks they place themselves in with what they post online, such as photos. I don’t know what the answer is, but I feel that control is needed.

  5. Its a good post Dimple. Agree on the misinformation currently on Internet is just uncontrollable. Children and teens in current time are definitely and inevitably exposed to the Internet and it will be a challenging task for parents to monitor and steer the good information versus the negative one.

  6. Hi Dimple,
    Your opinion is great: There should be some person who can manage the information on the internet. They should have a job to set all information for the proper place.
    I agree with you. Nowadays, information on internet is huge, it’s hard to say which are real and good, which are fake and bad. It especially not good for kids, also for elders. Actually in YouTube and some other website, some information are hidden from kids. So I think somewhat they are doing this thing, obviously, not enough.I think maybe like you said, the role like “information controller” will appear.

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