Week10 Reflection Gamification

• “Gamification presents the best tools humanity has ever invented to create and sustain engagement in people. […] It’s a proven approach using breakthroughs in design and technology to vastly improve the world as we know it…”
– Gabe Zichermann,The Gamification Revolution (2012, p. xvii)

I am agreeing with Zichermann with the above statement. From my perspective, Gamification is the best to engage user to be a creative and smart thinker and player. Gamification can improve the world by more adventures and challenges. If starting from the children, there are many games and application to teach children about alphabets, numbers, poem and more. By looking and playing with these games children get more intelligent. They also encourage thinking. From Younger to older can be encouraged by doing exercise and learning language skill using application and other challenging games.
To start with the definition of the gamification, According to Gartner(2014), gamification is to engaging and encouraging user to achieve their goal by applying game mechanism and design techniques. Gamification is to engage people to achieve their desire goal. The common element of the game are points, challenges, level, budget and leader boards. Many games have different story and adventures. User can play on any electrical or smart devices such as, computers, tablets, smart phones, television and more. Gamification has a different goals and categories. In addition, gamification has many personal challenges such as, spelling correct, goal of learning language or farming.
From my experience with gamification, i have played games like candy crush, farm villa, clash of titans. These games encouraged me to play more level and also encouraged me to score high int he games. These game also connected with the web, so we can have competition with our other friends. I have also seen parents of the more than one year old child, they give their children tablet to play with alphabets or numbers. In addition, one day I was travelling from the bus, I have seen aged person also playing game. He was trying to score high and buy things using the coins in game. There are many examples of gamifications I have.
however, Gamification is refers any technology in which user can learn different things. As per my usage of smartphones, I am using application of lifelog, word search and Sudoku. These three apps are challenging apps. I am using lifelog to check how much energy I have spend in exercise and how many steps I have walked and run. This app encouraging me to walk more. In addition, word search application helps me to learn new words in English dictionary. In last, Sudoku helps me to think more about the numbers and places. It helps for my brain to more think. This is how application help and encourage user for their good life style.


Above is link of Yu-Kai Chou who gave very good understanding of the gamification. There are many applications which control your everyday life. First example is pains water. This application is useful for the children with cancer. This application is retrieving all activity to check their health status. This application is useful at the medical sectors. In addition, Nike plus is the second application which encourage user to do more exercise by showing their reachable goal. One more example is DragonBox. This game encourages children to learn maths (Chou, 2014).
Gamification can give users benefits of learning experience. Gamification is a fun task which encourage user to play more. It also gives user a good learning environment by providing real time situations and challenges. Gamification also gives the better learning experience in all group of age (Pandey, 2015).

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Week8: Reflection

The Internet is a storehouse of limitless information, some good and some bad. While misinformation can have serious consequences, is there a need for ‘fact police’ on the Internet or should we concentrating on information literacy to help people navigate the information?

If we talking about internet, there are so many things to say about. Internet is one of the biggest sources of information. Internet is a interconnected network which helps us by giving facility of communication and information. Internet has a huge storage where all information can store. All classes and lectures run online on the internet in this modern generation. However, there are good and bad information on the internet. As my knowledge, all good and bad information in the internet uploaded by the user itself.
There are so many information on the internet. However, there are also user blog where they upload their information. This information may be public or private. In the competition of the world, people upload their information in public. This information can view by anyone. Information can be in any form, such as, in paragraph, video, audio, graph, chart or more. There is no restriction on the internet for any kind of information. That means anyone can upload any kind of information either good or bad, there are no body that can stop it. Yes, there is one option, where other user can report about the particular information is bad. In my opinion, the information on the internet should be any copyright information or any scientific information which allows clear understanding of the information.
However, internet has billions of pages or information which are free of cost to use and download. There is no any guaranty to be any good quality information. There are many errors and fraudulent data on the internet which disturb the original data. The blog writer could be anyone. May be he/she is professional person or any normal person. So, it is hard to decide the provided information is professional or not. It is hard to find any original or professional data on the internet unless we buy any publication or documentary.
People around the world can upload any data which can help other user to find the fact or any harmful information which can destroy the user. As I have seen some website has the information of teaching and providing the information about gangsters and their techniques. This is bad information which can make any good person to bad one.
In this decade, all children are growing around the smart device. Parents just giving their children smart phones and children playing and watching cartoons all the time. However, children are very smart now days. They know how to access the internet and things. Bad thing about the smart phone to the children is they can watch any program if their parents is busy with their work and could not look after their child. Children can learn bad things using these smart devices.
There are many things need to change to overcome the increasing level of misinformation on the internet. It is very hard now to remove all the bad data from the internet. People now days just uploading information without watching are it really good or bad. However, users also upload the information about harassment and any sexual data. People getting bad by watching and reading this bad data. To overcome this situation, the copyright publication should be uploading to the internet. All other information from the user should only viewable to the user who uploaded and their friends with whom they want to share. This information should not be viewable on the public sites.
Other option is spy. There should be some person who can manage the information on the internet. They should have a job to set all information for the proper place. In short, there should be anyone who should watch what is going on to the internet. My point is that, there will be some person who can manage good or bad information on the internet. In addition, very bad information like: crime, there should be someone who should manage and control the user’s activity.

Week 8: switch off activity

Oh!! I was really confused about the activity which to choose. First I decided to do switch off activity. Then, I was just thinking, am I able to survive without internet? I always around the internet things. The reason behind this is aloneness. I live on student accommodation. My family is not here, so I used to talk with them. I usually do audio or video calls to my home country. Talking with parents is not bad things, but using internet and especially social media is one of the bad ideas to waste the huge time.
Before few decades ago, there were no internet or social media then after people survive and live their life with full of happiness. In addition, at that time, children or teenagers also used to play outdoor activities. However, these days people meet people, but most of the time they were with their social media. Which keep distance with their loved one? Now days, people explore their feeling by doing posting. People put everything about their life by doing posting and all. Now, we cannot change this change of social media.
Internet and mobile phones came when I was teenager. At that time i was too addicted with this device. The reason behind this is new hardware and their feature. Everyone wants to learn the new features of the phones. Then after few days I was used to this device so, no more addiction happens. But now days, social media keep updating and new things keeps coming, so everyone excited to see what id new update.
I feel great when I do works or study. When nothing to do, I always feels alone and having bad thoughts. I usually use internet while I am in bus or feeling bore. Living without social media is one of the hardest things for me, but living with social media is also very bad for our everyday life.
After experiencing without internet for at least one day I realize how matter other things are. I really saw that I have so much time to do other things. I have done my half of the assignment and also did cleaning at my place. I received phones and I also gave the reply to important messages from work. I really feeling good after doing this activity that only social media is not important. We have to give everything an equal time. I was just thought, if I do this every day I can save so many time for important works. I keep watching that because of social media my assignments also delay and I complete it in last moment which gives me too much stress. So, my opinion with the social media is that, we have to use social media, but with the limit. May be we have to control our self to keep connected with it all day.
Control is the best decision to keep distance with the bad habits of social media. What i did is, i disabled all notifications from social media apps. By doing this, app do not show me the notification. So, we can check when we have time at our suitable period.


Open data is the future of the web

According to the Open Data Institute(n.d.), Open data is any kind of data such as, text, images, videos, map, chart or other format which can be used, shared and accessed by anyone. Open data can be useful for many fields. When any company or organisation releases their non personal data, it gives other small business opportunity to develop resources to improve their community.

Open data can be beneficial in many fields in the future such as in medical field. An examples of this is Louisville, Kentucky, in US. This city has many patients with asthma. However, the Air Louisville project has solution to track where, when and how often residents of this city experiencing asthma. This information can used by doctors to check patient’s report.(Duus & Cooray, 2016). I am very glad to having beneficial applications. In my opinion, this application will overcome the time of the doctors by asking common questions to the patients. Patient can answer all

There is another example of best use of open data in the city of Glasgow in UK 2013. Glasgow city council innovate the use of technologies of city of the UK to make people’s life easier and smarter. They gave online access of non-personal and non-sensitive data to the public of the UK and created an application to use these data. People can access the activity of the city which includes, education, travel, demographic, health and energy and safety data. Anyone from the city can access these real time data from the dashboard with the updated data and information to help people to navigate the city (Duus & Cooray, 2016). I am extremely agreed with this innovation. This facility can give people the more knowledge about the city and surrounding areas.

By using the open data, our future will be good. Open data can change the way we live in the present. These changes may be positive or negative. It can be know by the use of the open data. Open data can also useful to find the history of criminals and to track corruption. Government or crime investigator can use this data to catch criminals(Ortellado, 2016).

From the Australian government perspective (n.d.), users are using more than 7000 government data which published on data.gov.au in Australia. These data includes, medical data, mapping information, environment data, transport information, career information, real time emergency data and more. These information is beneficial and powerful to create new career, improves business practice, public engagement and revenue (Australian Government, 2016).

In the field of farming, open data is also useful. In the farming industry it will show the major role. From any country or any location people can watch the open data and make farming more successful. This is how open data is useful. This open data will overcome many problems from the life. Open data will change the future frequently. Because many data are open now days. Just a few area need to change from private access to open.(The World Bank, 2013)

There is also potential misuse of the open data. Open data can used by anyone. So, criminal or corrupted people can also access these data. If they can access these data, than they can misuse this information and create more violence. To overcome this problem, these protective data can be accessible by only authorize person.


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Assessment 1- Personal poster reflection

Creating Persona poster is very fun task through all my studies. It was very amazing to learn about persona poster. I have learnt many things which I did not know before. We can create persona posters in many different ways. For examples, Photoshop, PowerPoint, paint and other tools. There is also online website which is used for creating persona poster. I preferred to use power point because I never used any other tools before. Even though I learnt many new things in power point as well. Yes, I felt many difficulties during the creation of posters. This assignment is very advantageous to me. From this assignment I have learnt how people use social media in their personal and professional life.

First of all, I want to start from my personal use of technology. As I am a student, my use of both technology may be equal from my perspective. I use computers and mobiles every day. In this era use of technology is different. Because of portability of the applications people use mobile more than computers. Here portability means in both devices we can use social media frequently. The use of technology is depend on the type of user.

In this persona poster, the main thing which focused is the used themselves. Persona poster describes everything about the user on social network side. It can tell the type of user, their use of applications, what they like, what they dislike, their main purpose and more. However, peoples use google drive, drop box and more for their personal use and office use. This type of application is useful to share documents and for group chat. This facility is amazing now a days. There is no need to worry about the damage of physical paper. Everything can shave on the cloud and anytime we can use it.

All people have different hobbies and skills. It may be easier to know the type of user from their hobbies and skills. However they like some of the things from social media as well as they dislike few things. However persona is all about user experience. User experience is the user’s overall description. It can tell everything about the user.

My Use of technology

I use Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google drive, Google+, Dropbox and more. This all social platform is more and more useful for the professional life as well as personal life. Most of the organisation use persona to know more about the user. Because persona tell what user interested in and what is the user background.

From the Google drive I like to save my all documents of study and work. Google drive also help us to create graphs, drawing, datasheet and more. In addition, it help people to share their stuff to other persons. Dropbox also do the same as google drive. Dropbox is useful to store personal data and photos. My personal use of drop box is to store images and important documents. This both application used to share document to other person. However we can also chat thought it.

Another good web application is Facebook. I use Facebook to do posting, check in, calling, messaging, uploading and many more. I felt the best thing is the reminder of upcoming birthday of friends. One of my bad habit is forgetting the birthdays. It keeps memories by posting and check in time to time. Facebook also have many communities in which people can meet their old friends and connect to new friends.

I used chart to represent user’s skills, hobbies and use of web technologies. This form is very easy to understand. And easy to find out. In the graph of skills, we can clearly see the use of user. It show how much the user is expert in particular skill. It also show which are skills of the user. In the other graph, it shows the hobbies of the user. It also clearly show how much user addicted to particular hobby. Furthermore, in the last chart of the use of technology, it show the use of technology on computers and on mobile. I have not use tablets here. I never used tablet in my personal life or in professional life. So, I just preferred to use computers and mobiles.

I really felt so good doing this assignment. I learn the new thing here. I created all graphs from the Microsoft power point. I used all images from the google. There are many icons available free which is really great. I felt google is the best surfing technology. We can find anything from the google. I usually use google to search anything. In this assignment, my more use is google. Everything is difficult without social media now a days. By the social media, we can get up-to-date with everyday life. In professional and personal life, social media become number one.



Google for all images

ReflectiveWeek4:How you use the mobile web in your personal/professional/academic lives. You might like to discuss the impact mobile has had on your work/play/study.

Mobile device is a portable telecommunication device which is used to communicate over long distances without wires. It is activate using the nearest base station or cell site which connects to the main phone network. Before mobile, communication was hard. No one can able contact long distance person in a minute. These mobile phones are now becoming an uber devices. Cell phones already started the other features more than communication features. Mobile gives the features of watch, alarm, radio, music, video, calendar, calculator, photos, camera, web browser and more. Here we are talking about the web browser.  The mobile web is a browser based internet works on the smart phones and mobile devices.

The web is becoming handier by portable and wireless devices. The feature between mobile browser and native application is predictable to become increasingly unclear. Mobile web is similar to any website that consists of browser based HTML pages which are linked together.  Mobile web can display text content, videos, images and data. Mobile website also has some specific features. Such as, click to call or dial number and mapping based on location.

Mobile web is helpful for all kind of use. Anything you want to know, it shows the good results to owner.  It is useful for professional life because it can give the features of accessibility. People can use their company’s website or their office desktop/ Computer via mobile phone. It just need is the accessibility. Here accessibility means the authentication/ username and password. If staff is going for holiday and if there is some urgent task to complete then She/ he can complete the task by using mobile web by login to company’s website. By using the mobile web, staff can also refer their overall progress, their future work, current work, position and their success in particular role.

However, mobile web also very useful in academic life. Academic life is a student life. Students have much responsibility for their individual subjects. They can to be connected to the class inside the lecture room as well as outside. Now days, there are the facilities of the lecture recording. If student can not able to come in class, they can watch lecture recording and make notes. Google have also very good features for the students. Google introduced Google drive. Google drive similar to Microsoft office. Google drive includes document file, excel file, power point presentation and Google draw. It also gives students to share their work with other student. This is very helpful for the group work or assignments. Students can quick check any material from the Google.
For the any kind of use, personal, professional or academic, mobile webs helps human incredibly. Without mobile browser mobile phone is just the communication channel. Mobile is become a mini computer now a days. People can access everything using the mobile phones. That is how mobile browser is very much helpful for professionals, academics and personal


Week4 Activity- Quantify yourself

Oh! This one is the great activity to quantify our self by judging our daily life style using app. I am very exciting to tell you guys that because of this application I am managing my health. First of all I want to tell you I lost 4 Kg weight after using this application. I am using android phone. It has in built application which is called “lifelog”. Lifelog application is best application to check how many steps walked, how much calorie burnt, how many hours I walk or run, my use of phone, and so on. One day I try to manage my daily walking activities. The Lifelog already target the number of steps per day. I was trying to watch how much calorie burn by walking and running this much steps. Aah, I have found the result, and that result was approximately correct. I really appreciate that I have that application. I can see how much workout I do at least. Here is a screenshot I have put to show how far I gain some benefits from this application. I am really happy by knowing this.