Week 10 Activity – Bookie Crush in QUT

Design a Brand-New Game!

Game Name

Bookie Crush in QUT

Game Concept

Utilize Candy Crush concept to develop an online book collection game that allow students to arrange and borrow books in QUT Library. Aim to foster the habits of reading and resource searching that based in library and ultimately encourage more students physically come to library during their study periods.

Game Overview

Bookie Crush is a handy game-based tool that highly integrate with QUT library system for the purpose of engaging users in academic library space, it provides simplest drag-and-drop functionalities that every user can easily build up and maintain their personas, and use digital points to accumulate wealth online and exchange with a tangible award in the real world. Other social media platforms also blended in this game to spur users’ online interactions and strengthen the communications with other users.


Adventure – graphic adventures

Target Audience

Every single student in QUT, particular newly enrolled students

Game Flow Summary

The users firstly need to download an online game called “Bookie Crush in QUT” that directly link with QUT mobile App, by using API data transfer technic, QUT data center will be able to integrate students information into “Bookie Crush” with students’ current enrollment details and QUT library resources. Users will play the game in the following processes:

  1. Login QUT account and search for corresponding subjects during a semester
  2. List down a series of topics that drawn them to the subjects
  3. Quick search on those interested topics and look up 3-5 books/journal articles in line with each topic
  4. Arrange the identified books horizontally or vertically on “Bookie Shelf” and label with key words to create “Bookie Cell” e.g. ‘Corporate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Property Law etc.…”
  5. Physically go to QUT library and track down all the “Bookie Cell”
  6. Scan and borrow every book to cross out the “Bookie Cell”
  7. Award 10 “Bookie Point” once an “Bookie Cell” has been crushed
  8. Share insights or make comments in “Bookie Community” will be awarded extra “Bookie Point”
  9. Accumulate 50 “Bookie Point” to be eligible to redeem a free coffee in any QUT café

Rules and regulations

  • All rules applied in “Bookie Crush in QUT” must primarily adhere to QUT Library policy and regulations
  • Users are encouraged to accumulate as much “Bookie Point” as possible, however, they must return or renew the borrowed books in a timely manner. Any delay will be penalty by 5 “Bookie Point” deduction
  • Users are eligible to exchange any items with other users when the targeted resources are unavailable
  • Once a “Bookie Cell” has been established on “Bookie Shelf” it must be crushed within 30 working days, otherwise that “Bookie Cell” will be invalided automatically
  • “Bookie Crush” system is able to calculate user interactions in “Bookie Community” and reward with corresponding “Bookie Point” accurately
  • “Bookie Crush” system is able to match the identified key words with targeted items on the “Bookie Cell”, otherwise a “Bookie Cell” would not be set up successfully
  • The creation of “Bookie Cell” not restricted by any subjects or majors, however, the related subjects are highly recommended during users’ study period


Sample Snapshot

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.07.28 am











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