What’s the score?

Hello everyone, The final (final!) leaderboard has now been revealed! Due to weariness after two weeks of counting points and allocating badges, I inadvertently deleted a row in my calculations which changed the outcome of our Top 10. Apologies to those who were shocked to see their points go down! I’ve gone through everyone’s score with a […]

Game over!

The IFN612 Emerging Technologies gamification fortnight is over! We had nearly 40 people participating, earning a total of 12, 640 points! Our intention with this activity was to give you a first hand experience of gamification, to examine different strategies (good and bad), to encourage you to think about how you react to being gamified, how your fellow learners […]

And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone for submitting your entries to the Eurovision Game Contest, and for voting for your favourites. There was a wonderful range of suggestions. Your selection is Forgotten Memories, submitted by Raphael @carapace. Congratulations, Raphael! You receive a bonus 50 points for your winning entry. Forgotten Memories will now be launched. You have until 5:00pm, Sunday 22 May to […]

Makers forum at The Edge

What timing! Join The Edge and Regional Development Australia on Thursday 26 May for a FREE! Makers Forum with special guest, Chris Lau, General Manager of Portland’s entrepreneurial makerspace ADX. Chris will share his insights into how the Makers’ Movement can diversify the economy and revive manufacturing — based on the Portland, Oregon ADX experience. ADX is […]

Eurovision Game Contest

In honour of the Eurovision Song Contest, we are dedicating this last week of the game to the Eurovision Game Contest. This challenge has several components, with lots of opportunities for points, so get cracking! The first part of this challenge ends at 11:59pm on Tuesday, 17 May. See the Eurovision Game Contest page for […]

Week 10 additional resources

Hello everyone, As promised, I have included some additional resources from Week 10’s class for those who are keen to follow up on some of what we covered. You can find them under Week 10’s Learning Resources or here. Please share any of your own that you come across in the comments section also! The […]

Under pressure

Good morning team, The 24 hour challenge has been released! Details can be found at the game page and below. Remember, this activity commences at 9:00am on Friday, 13 May and concludes at 9:00am on Saturday. This challenge might be the one to push you to the top of the leaderboard! You can see the […]