IFN612 Unit reflection

I heard from my many friends about this unit. Some of them gave me bad feedback and many of them made me keen to do this unit. I got very excited when I heard that there is very fun in this unit and we have to play games. Especially, when I heard about persona assignment I make myself sure that I have to do this unit. Because I am very keen to do persona type of assignments. Before persona assignment, I checked some persona posters on google. Those posters attracted me and I started to make rough personas from week 2. But I did not get good feedback from my persona assignment which I was expecting. I was bit confused before doing persona and I confirmed many times from lecturer and friends as well. But did not get good guidance what I was expecting.

Overall, emerging technology unit was very good. I learned a lot of things from that unit. There were many things in unit which I liked the most and were few things which I did not like. When I attend week 1 lecture, I was thinking that I will learn the use of some new technologies but it did not match with reality. When I read about persona assignment I was very excited to do that assignment but when I was doing persona assignment I did not really enjoy it because it was different than my expectations. I had lots of information about that person but found very small space in persona to write about her. I do not have very good knowledge about personas use in real world. But according to me, personas are not really very beneficial in real life. Because many of the personas are fake. There is not real information. Some users do not want to show their identity to the public.

When I stared this unit I felt learning blogs quite difficult. But they are totally opposite to my expectations. I really enjoyed and like learning blogs. I never use blogs before this. This was my first experience to work as a blogger. This was really something different and new experience for me. I learned a lot from my peer’s learning blogs. Because this is good idea to know that if we have a same topic then what are opinions of different people upon it. This is one of my key learning from entire unit to write a blog posts. My favorite play activity was enrolling in MOOC’s. I enrolled in Curtin university online course. There are very good short time online course in curtin university website which are really very useful to get in touch of real world situations. I enrolled in Digital branding and engagement online course. That course was only for one month and when I enrolled only two weeks were left. That play activity expand my knowledge about new area which I did not know before and it is really very beneficial in real life as well. I am also doing some online course from that university now. My favorite reflection was playing a serious game. I played The migrant trail. Playing that game was not much fun but motive behind designing this game is very awesome. I found week 8 play and reflection activity very challenging and difficult.  One reason behind this might be that I did not have much knowledge about those topics. I tried to attempt week 8 play and reflection activity but I was not satisfied because I have not completed those activities at high level. Only that was play and reflect from the whole semester which I do not like. I enjoyed all of other play and reflect activities from the semester. Furthermore, I am always very excited to play games. I felt very bad when I came to know that there was a game in week 10. I did not attend week 10 lecture because of bad flu. When I checked the announcement, it is already started and I tried to participate in game. But I did not understand how to play and what I have to do and finally I left. I was feeling very helpless at that time.

There were lots of interesting topic and discussion every fortnight in class. I learned many new areas in this unit which I did not know before. There was activity in week four to track yourself. For doing play activity I select option one which was creating an app. But when I read the activities of other students about tracking yourself. I also did that play activity. I did not know anything how to track or quantify yourself. One of my friend in that unit helped me a lot. With the help of one app name is Health in iphone6, I tracked my sleeping time. When I checked my sleeping hours I got shocked. Because my sleeping hours were too much than required for my age group. I changed my sleeping hours. After that my sleeping hours were fine according to suggestion of my GP which were recorded 6-7 hours per night. These were some of interesting and good topics in fortnightly classes. Tracking sleeping hours was very important information related to our health. Now I am thinking if I did not get enrolled in emerging technology unit, I will not be aware of very important concepts and important information.

My favorite lecture topic was open education from week 6. This was good discussion topic with my peers. That is the reason, I choose week 6 play and reflection activities for marking. I enjoyed a lot while working on these topics. This was very interesting as well. I am always very keen to learn about new topics and explore my knowledge.

This was really very good unit where I learnt something different. Writing agree or disagree comments on other students’ posts were good learning experience for me. Furthermore, Kathleen teaching was very good. I do not have any negative feedback for Kathleen teaching. It was awesome. As I am international student but I did not find any difficulty for understanding any concept in whole lecture.


week 10 Play


For week 10 play activity, I select option 3 which is about to design a game. I am going to write something which is happening most of the time with international students.

Target Group:: International students and first year students

Aim of the group:: Make students able to understand the concept of academic integrity through the use of game

Overview of the rules:: There are not very strict rules in this game. There are normal rules such as time limit, work independently


I am going to design a game for international students and first year students about academic integrity. This is my real life experience that most of the time we do not know about these things. We consider such things very lightly but they put very high impact on our studies.

There are lots of reasons about why students cheat, such as pressure of other assignments, peer-encouragement, lack of guidance from faculty and many more.

I will design a questionnaire for international students where I will design 30 questions regarding the academic integrity and timing to complete this questionnaire will be about 30minutes. Example of questions: How you will paraphrase these sentences, where we need to use direct quotes. There will be 25 multiple choice questions and 5 open ended questions. So that it will be gathered what they are doing wrong or right. I am also international students and I know that when students start to study overseas some of them are not aware about academic integrity in depth. Because of difference in study patterns in different countries. This game is competitive game. Awards will be given to winners. After questionnaire, Orientation lecture will be given on Academic integrity and what will be the possible implications of these things. So that students will be aware about these issues.

pic 1

This will help them more to understand these serious things with the help of questionnaire competition.

NOTE: Images are taken from CC search

Week 10 Reflection

Serious game

For week 10 reflection, I select option 3 which is to play a serious game. I am not a game lover. That’s the reason when I read the name of all games I feel helpless. Because I did not know anything even about one game from all of the listed games. But I think I should play a game. It will be different experience for me than writing a theory stuff. I select The Migrant Trail game. I choose this game because I feel it very interesting just from the name.

I play this game first time So do not have good knowledge about this. I just click on The Migrant trail. There are lots of instructions about the game. There are 2 options to play this game Play as Migrant and Play as Patrol. I select Play as Migrant

Pic 1

This is history of the crossing party. You can see from the image that there are 12 members in the crossing party who wants to go Arizona from Mexico.

pic 2

The first person is Adriana. His boyfriend is in USA. She wants to go there for him. There is supply store before starting the journey. I put water, apple, beans and suero in her bag and her bag weight is 18LBS. When they started to walk after few minutes Francisco gets thorn in his foot. I just left him.

pic 3

pic 4

Adriana collapsed from Exhaustion. There is screen short about Adriana Traveling journey. She traveled 9 minutes. The next journey is with Nadia & Matilda. Their uncle is calling them in USA so that they can do work here.

pic 5

Same as Adriana I make their bag full with some important stuff. I did not make their bag very heavy because they have to carry their bag while walking. On the way, Nadia collapses from Exhaustion. I could not leave her because she is one of who is guiding others. I gave her some water. She again started journey. There is again same problem with Matilda. I gave her water as well. After some time we were caught by Encounter Rancher who calls US Border Patrol and at the same time Nadia suffers from heatstroke. The journey was stopped there. Next person is Francisco. He wants to go USA so that he can earn money for his baby’s treatment. I started with Francisco, there was a problem in the way that cacti block the trail. I select the option go through cacti because the second option was much worse than this one. Friendly hikers met in the way and they offered water to the crossing party.

pic 6

We took water from hikers. After some time, we were caught and Francisco returned back to Mexico but he did not go back to home. Some of them were caught and many of them were died in desert.

My goal was to guide them properly about which direction they should follow. I think it is a good game which represent real world situation. This is a good way to make people think about serious conditions which are happening around. Honestly, when I finished this game I was thinking some time about those people who are suffering from these kinds of serious conditions.As to me, most of the poor country people want to move in rich countries so that they can earn money to give their family good life. But as we know this is illegal way. I also heard in my real life that some travelers are caught by police of that country where they were entered, police put them in jail. I think the government of these countries should think how we can solve their problem so that they do not think to go another country by illegal method. Sorry for bad screen shorts.

week 8 Reflection

What do you think about informational capitalism? Do you agree with Manuel Castells or not? Why?

Information is an important asset for every person. When I read this week’s reflection I just had simple definition of information capitalism in my mind. I did not know very well about this term. It is interesting for me every time to know about new area. In which, I do not have good knowledge. I searched on Google about this term and explore my knowledge. Information capitalism refers to the importance of information under the conditions of globalization. Moreover, Information capitalism is significant factor for reusing, distribution, transfer, storage, communicate information. There is a biggest change in information growth from past few years. Because of the rapid growth in technology, the growth of information has been also increased.

Manuel Castells

I agree with Manuel castells

week 8 Play Activity

For week 8 Play activity I select option 1. When I search the entire title together I did not find good resources. Then I break it down into two parts.

How to read Internet

This article focus on the skills and abilities which are needed for reading internet such as IT skills, path-finding, information abilities etc.

How to improve Information Literacy skills

This articles focus on the teachers  understanding  towards Information literacy and how it can be developed.

Week 7 Assignment



Interaction with Technology

In this fast pace of technology world, social media tools are playing very important role. Social media tools are heavily being used in every field of life such as education, shopping, traveling, entertainment and career. I also become addicted of using social media tools. I never thought which social media tools I am using most and how much time I am spending on the use of technology. After creation of persona poster I can say that I measured myself about the usage of technology in different fields of my life. I become aware of goals and motivations for using social media tools. Moreover, I am international student. After creating persona, I compared the reason between using the technology in my country (India) and the reason of using technology here in Australia for myself. I realized that in India I did not become addicted to use technology. There are many reasons; one is the problem of slow internet speed. Now, I am checking my Facebook account after every 2 hours. I am using Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Google+, Skype and YouTube. If I compared all tools, the use of Facebook in my life is at highest level. I am using it for both personal and study life. It is good tool for me to know what my friends are doing in their daily life. Mostly, this tool is updating me about current affairs in the world. I can also read important announcements related to my study because my all units have Facebook page. Moreover, Google!! To live my life personally and professionally, I need Google. I cannot live away from Google. If I am stuck with anything I quickly search on Google. It is one of the key helper for preparing assignments. Additionally, I am using whatsapp for interacting with my friends and family. There is very rare use of whatsapp for study purposes in my life. Most of the online communities of my units are on Google +. YouTube is mostly preferable for entertainment and visual version to gain understanding. Instead of this, I love Skype. I am away from my family and friends. So I feel them very close just because of Skype. One of the key aspects which I learned from social media is collaboration. The more usage of technology also gives the rise to collaboration. In my Master study, I learned a lot from my peers and tutors. Whenever I am stuck with any problem in my assignments, I always post on social media tools where I am connected with my peers, There ideas and suggestions helped me a lot.

My electronic devices are iphone6, apple tab and HP laptop. Most of the time, I am using these tools on my mobile iPhone 6. If I want to do study I use laptop and if I want to read anything quickly I prefer to use tab. You can see from my persona that most used device is my mobile. I measured the usage of all devices from 100%. Second most used device is my laptop. For making assignments and reading, I used laptop. Social media tools have a great impact on my life in both ways personal and professional. Social media made me more engaged to participate in online activities so that I can learn new skills from others. I learned many skills from social media which are really very useful in my profession as well. For example, few months ago I was checking my Facebook account I read one post about creating websites. After reading that post I got very excited and that post took me to YouTube video because there was a link also. That link includes tutorials of creating websites. I watched them on YouTube. Those videos really boost up my interest and encouraged me to create a website. Finally, I helped web designers of my home country to create a website of my home university.


User Research On persona Creation


I created this persona in power point. This persona is based on me. I tracked myself to know the need of technology in my life. It is a great way to identify ourselves through the use of this persona. This persona shows my goals, motivations, which social media tools I am using, why I am using those social media tools and how they are being used.  It shows the need of social media tools in personal and professional life as well. Persona is a great way to interact with others.

This persona is based on my real life. It will be useful to organizations to understand the needs of real users. Organization can look what are the goals and motivations for using a particular social media tools. It will be beneficial for organizations to consider the needs of users by persona. So that they can add features to design particular website by considering the needs and level of skills to make the website successful.



 Key learning’s from this Assignment

This is my first experience to crate persona.  When I read the persona poster creation assignment, I searched on Google how personas look like. Then I saw the images I was very excited to create my own but I was bit confused because I am not a good designer.  Later on, I was very happy when I came to know that we can also do it in Power Point.  The best thing which I learned from this assignment is that there is not completion that we should be master in all the skills. We can also do in simple ways but main things are to satisfy the actual needs and the content of the Task. Moreover, I designed my desire, motivations, and needs of social media tools first time. I gain understanding about why I am actually using social media tools, what factors motivated me to use these tools.  I can say this assignment made me aware about that area which I never think and did not know anything before.

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week 6 Reflection


Open education refers that everyone should have access to use high quality resources. Because sharing education with each other is one of the key ideas to increase our knowledge. We thought that education should be open to everyone. Everyone should have the same level of access. There should not be any restrictions such as gender, age, level of knowledge.

image 1

I think because of increase in technology, open education is being more open to everyone.  According to me, one of the key reasons for increasing the open education is to make students able to collaborate with each other. Because collaboration is one of the main aspect in today’s learning. There are lots of benefits in open education. It helps the learners who are keen to learn more about particular field. Biggest benefit is that it increases the collaboration among students. These are my experiences Which I got while studying in QUT. Students can learn more from their peers than educators. Because they all are at same level. They do not hesitate if they want to ask anything. In MOOC’s of curtin university there is one course about digital and there are around 10,000 students in that course. I was enrolled in that course and I was thinking how assignments or activities will be marked for 10,000 students. When I know the marking method for 10,000 students assignment. I was quite surprised.  Our educators informed us about the criteria of marking of other students’ assignment. Students are posting their activities on social media community and others students are marking the assignments by following the criteria which is given to them. It is an awesome idea to increase collaboration among students.

Open education is also called distance education. Anyone can enroll in MOOC’s without any restriction. One of my experiences towards MOOC’s is that I recently enrolled in one of the online course in Curtin University.  I did not face any restriction there such as cost, age, level of education. I have seen that there are around 10,000 students from different countries. So, it is open to everyone. Their main target is to motivate students to get engaged for technology to interact with other students.


One of the interesting things about open education is that anyone can reuse, share, and edit the resources of open education because it is allowed them by the creators of the open education. For example in CC search, we can use any images without permission of its owners. Because they allow people to use these images freely without any restriction.

Only those resources can be accessed openly which have the CC License. According to me, about accessible of open education it depends on type of education. Such as anyone can access the resources in MOOC’s freely. Because every coins has two sides. There are some drawbacks of open education as well. Instead of this, to access sources openly, students’ needs computers, laptops and tabs. Some students cannot afford these electronic devices. There will be a gap in the learning of students in future.

NOTE : Images are used from CC search.

Week 6 Play Activity

Hello everyone

When I read the Play activity of week 6 about enrollment in MOOC’s, I was very excited to do this play activity. Because it was something different and interesting experience for me. I searched on google for enrollment in online courses. I found many universities and colleges which were offering many online courses. But I selected Curtin University. This university have two Campus, one is in Perth and another one is in Sydney . This university is also offering some online courses. When I was looking for online courses, I got attracted towards Digital BrandingPic 1              and Engagement(Name of online course). There was a videos before enrollment of every online course so that students can get idea what they are going to learn in this unit. I think it is an awesome idea. I enrolled in that course. After enrollment home page,Pic 2

Pic 3

there was a page which showed all the necessary information about course. This course was started on 4th April 2016. This is 4 weeks course. On that page, I read one announcement from educators they said that there are more than 8000 students in this course. I read that line three times. It was surprising. It totally changed my mentality. Before this, I was thinking that very few students prefer online courses but it was huge. I was totally shocked.


They have written that most of the students are from America. There teaching method was  posting modules one by one such as Module 1, Module 2 ans so on.  Then they encouraged students to complete some activities according to modules and post the activities on google community and discuss with others.  Educators also posted some questions on every students activity so that  others students can be involved. Here are the screenshots of one google post, discussion and questions from tutors.

Pic 4

Pic 5

Links were given there for course syllabus and to register with online community. There was very interesting thing that there was a online community for students to interact and teaching assistance was 24/7. Now I compared my online community with that online community. Here, I have to wait for response for 2-3 days and on that online community students got response just in minutes. I will also do short courses in my holidays. One more awesome thing is that most of the online courses are free on that university. What else we want! It is my first experience to enrolled in online course freely. Really big thanks to Emerging technology unit which is giving me awesome experiences.


Week 4 Play & Reflection


In this week play activity, I build one app with the help of appsbar website. The name of that app is Home Salon. As the name suggests this app is designed specially to provide home services for hair, beauty, makeup treatments. There are some icons in this app such as appointment so that customers can book their time online according to their availability. There is another option called services where customers can select which services they want beauty, hair and body treatment and further these categories are divided such as beauty includes (Threading, facial, waxing etc). This app is made for those people who can not come to salon because of some reasons such as traveling, child etc. pic 5

There are some restrictions in this app as well. This app is designed from Brisbane to 10 km. It means only those people will be able to book appointment who lives within 10km area and home salon service will be offered to those who pay minimum $200 payment.



We are using mobile everywhere Such as shopping, traveling and education. I am using mobile web more than any other devices such as laptop and tablets. There are lots of reasons behind this. Firstly, it is easy to carry mobile. We can check anything on mobile very quickly. I am studying Master of IT in QUT. I am using mobile web for study to check my emails, notifications, posts and announcements.




Because of the technology world, everything is online.  In my last semester, I have done Managing and organizing unit. I did not attend any lecture of this unit in campus. There is Adobe connect, I attended my all online classes there. I think it is more convenient idea.

I am international student from India. I am using my mobile phone a lot to interact with my friends and family.  I am totally depending on mobile. It is new country for all of international students like me. If I have to go anywhere then I check all locations on mobile web through the use of navigator. I am also accessing my commonwealth bank account by the use of mobile web. For Academics, I learned lots of things from QUT library such as referencing, how to do literature review etc.


But the main problem of accessing website on mobile is the size of screen. I think if we just want to check something then mobile is good but if we want to read for long time then computer, laptops and tablets are more preferable than mobile. Furthermore, we can download free apps on mobile. I think in this developing world it is a good way if we want to collect and distribute information about any particular product. Apps can be designed even free of cost.  Organization can learn from apps about what customers prefer most. I made one app called Home salon. Sometimes when customers come on saloons receptions cannot respond their queries properly. In the home salon they can properly talk to customers.  For example, Facebook is an app and millions of people are using this app. People are posting their views, their daily activities on Facebook. So Organizations are collecting this data. Organizations find in which people are interested? What are the negative comments from users towards these apps? All of these things are data gathering tools.

App overload refers to installing too many apps. There are lots of apps for smartphones which anyone can download freely. I read that more than one thousand apps are being downloaded per second. Most of the time we just downloaded the apps just for fun. Which are not being used for long time. I think every person is suffering from app overloaded. Most of the time, there are some apps on every person’s mobile which they just used once and they are not useful for them further. While thinking about this. I checked my phone; I noticed that there are eight apps which I just used once or twice. The name of these apps are uber, flash keyboard, Go SMS pro, imo, connect, viber, photo collada and trivalent.