Final Reflection (Week 12)

First of all I am feeling really sad to give this post the name ‘Final Reflection’. As I was always waiting for my next play activities desperately because of excitement to know that what’s new this week! When I enrolled in this unit, I was sure that I am going to learn a lot of new things. The tasks assigned every fortnight were always interesting and I literally learned a lot of new things that I did not knew before. The best thing of learning activities were commenting on each other blogs. It allowed me to see how other students think differently about the same topic, in form of their play and reflection activities.

The most challenging play activity I attempted was week 10 game playing. It was really challenging and interesting as well. There was also a play activity in which we have to create a mobile app. It was also really informative because it allowed me spend time on creating mobile app by using a free tool ‘balsamiq’. I didn’t created any app before and it really boosted my confidence that now I can create an app.

I don’t think that we have missed any activity that we could do during our learning activities. I think the course outlines were intelligently organized because there were some activities like experiencing MOOC, creating app, creating mashup and persona, which allowed the students to smartly engage with social media and other technologies, which is I believe was the theme of this unit. There was an activity ‘Google yourself’, which was really interesting but I could not understood that how this activity linked with this unit. But I was also sure that teaching team must has found something innovative in that activity and allowed us to attempt that activity.

The best activity I have attempted was ‘MOOC’. I had not listened this word before but when I attempted this activity, then I realized that I had missed a lot of knowledge that I could have gained before, by using ‘MOOC’. Because of that activity, now I have been enrolled in three free online courses by using two different websites. I also suggested my friends in my home country to seek knowledge from ‘MOOC’ and teach others who wants to learn but are not able to pay much for their learning. A Big ‘THANKS’ to my teaching team for adding this activity in this unit!

I always liked to read others blog’s posts. Its because everybody tried to write something out of the box and there were a lot of things that I learned just by reading blogs of my unit fellows. The best thing in posting was that our facilitator had always gave us a free hand to manage our blog’s posts. As ‘Kathleen’ has always appreciated and gave constructive feedback on my posts, which always gave me motivation to work better next time. This thing also allowed me to think innovative in my reflections with great interest, rather than to just complete the assigned task before due date!

The comments on each other blogs were always interesting and good thing in commenting was that everybody tried to appreciate others work and gave constructive feedback, rather than degrading or taunting! It was really good peaceful environment where everybody respected and motivated others on their work and always to tried to respect other’s opinion, even if they disagreed with something.

The environment of the class was always friendly, where everybody’s got the chance to speak and everybody’s opinion is highly respected by others, and I have also noticed that the class of this unit was always crowded. Its might be because of the interesting lectures. Whenever I got confused in some play activity, I always tried to take help from my teaching facilitator in class. If I was unable to attend that week’s class, then I communicated with my teaching facilitator to seek help through email, and I always got response in time.

There were a lot of activities in this unit, in which I was supposed to observe my own behavior, specially creating persona which was based on myself. I never noticed before that how much social media I was using for different purposes. Like, I came to know that how I was using social media in my personal, educational and professional life. It was absolutely interesting for me. Then there was an activity in which I have to spend a whole day without using my phone for using social media and that activity was like my real test and I took it as my real exam. During that activity, I felt same as someone has putted a delicious beef burger in front of me and instead of eating, I am only allowed to see it for a whole day. By experiencing that activity, I realized that I was using social media not just to fulfill my needs but the main thing was to spend time which I was really struggling to pass without using social medias.

In the end, I just want to mention the major learning activities that I learnt and understood from this unit, and I believe in future, these learning activities will definitely help me in my personal, educational and professional life. These activities are given below:

1: Creating business persona

2: Getting advantage from MOOC

3: Creating a mobile app

4: Quantifying myself

I have also learnt a lot of more things like, appreciating work of others and giving constructive feedback, which I learnt from activity of commenting on each others blogs. This activity also allowed me to engage with my peers and seek help from them in different activities. The most memorable day of this unit was the day on which our personas were displayed on cube, specially the pizza party was really great. On that day, I got the chance to see my many unit mates with whom I used to interact online. Time always passes, what remains are the good or bad memories, but luckily I am having good memories with good people and hopefully I will be keep in touch with my unit’s teaching team and mates. Have a good time ahead all of you.



  • Jessica Evans Reply


    I know what you mean, this unit has been engaging and eye opening in so many ways. I can tell that i did some different play activities than you but its obvious that you have learnt a lot as well.

    I’m glad i am no the only one that is misisng the play activities a little bit.

    • Azam Reply

      Hi Jessica, yes I guess everyone would be thinking in the same way.

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