Final Reflection (Week 12)

First of all I am feeling really sad to give this post the name ‘Final Reflection’. As I was always waiting for my next play activities desperately because of excitement to know that what’s new this week! When I enrolled in this unit, I was sure that I am going to learn a lot of new […]

Maker Movement Revolution (Reflection week 10)

How Maker Movement Revolutionise our Society: A maker is a one who creates, and maker movement is a process in which people individually or in a group, try to create something that may be new to market, by using unused raw material or something like that. This process allow the people to physically create anything […]

Reflection (week 8)

Internet is a storehouse of limitless information: Internet is a hub of information. With internet, one can access information from all over the world. But the information we are accessing is authentic? If the information is authentic, then what is the criteria to judge its authentication? Is there any tool that tells that which part […]

End of Clickbait tricks (Play week 8)

Ernest Hemingway said “every man should have a built-in automatic crap detector operating inside him (originally by Manning, 1965, in Chen, Conroy, Rubin, 2015)” The article suggest that how can we avoid clickbait by promoting digital literacy practices and development of automative assistive tools to assess the credibility of online news. Reference: Chen, Y., Conroy, […]

Mooc + Reflection

Play activity: My today’s play activity is MOOC. I have an interesting experience to share with you guys. I just google for some free online courses and I got a site Open to study on which a number of free courses were available.        All the courses were interesting as you can see the […]

Assignment 1, Part B: Reflection

I always found it interesting to study things about myself that I had hardly noticed before. As this assignment of persona is not on me but based on me and consists of my own use and activities on social media. When I began to plan to write persona, I started from gathering information of social […]

Create an app (Week 4)

Introduction: My app name is “History Promoter”. This app is for the art galleries that are neglected for a long time and now need visitors to survive further. The art gallery organizers or curators can use this app to increase the visitors. It is also useful for the visitors who wants to save the information, […]

Search myself (Week 3)

Play: Hi everyone. My this week activity is searching myself on google. Its amazing that my name resembles with someone who is famous in India, but I am from Pakistan. Yes, Azam Khan is a 67 year old famous politician in India. Here is the screenshot for my search. First three results are almost same, […]