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I know a few of you are wondering how to improve your marks in your learning blogs so I wanted to direct you to a few posts from students who received high marks in the learning blog assessment. These posts are examples of some very good play and reflect activities and having a look at them might give you some ideas of where you would like to focus your attention in your next blogs.

First up (and these are in no particular order) you might like to look at Caitlin’s Week 6 Play post. This post is great as Caitlin as talked a lot about the functionality of the MOOC and her user experience. Raphael’s Week 6 Play post is another great example. Even though Raphael has done a different activity to Caitlin, again he has talked about the steps that he took. Some other Play posts that you also might like to look at are Helen’s Week 4 Play post and Katie’s Week 6 Play post. Like the other posts these are stepping through the activity and focusing on the functions of the tools.

If you would like to look at some Reflect posts then (again in no particular order) some ‘7’ posts were Katie’s Week 2 Reflect post, Caitlin’s Week 4 Reflect post  and Raphael’s Week 2 Reflect post. All these posts are comprehensive, and suited to a blog in both style and using functions like links, CC images and tags.

For those of you wondering how to combine Play & Reflect posts three high standard posts (you guessed it, in no particular order) to take a look at are Kate’s Week 4 post,  Michele’s Week 6 post and  Lilly’s Week 4 post . These posts all combine play and reflect really well and manage to balance both aspects.

I hope that you find these exemplar posts useful to have a look at and I would like to give huge thanks to Caitlin, Helen, Raphael, Katie, Michele, Lilly & Kate for letting me point you to their blogs. It really is all about being a learning community 🙂



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