Learning blog assignment return

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I am returning your learning blog marks for the first submission point today. These will be returned to you by 7pm tonight, so please wait until after then to contact me if you haven’t had it returned.

I wanted to provide some general feedback to everyone about the learning blogs, as well as what you will receive in your criteria sheets. Here goes….

Academic integrity

If you don’t know what academic integrity is, or are unsure if you are adhering to the standards that QUT has please look at the academic integrity information on the site. If you still have questions, please contact me!!! I cannot stress how important academic integrity is, especially when you are writing a blog. Remember if someone searches hard enough they can find your work, and if you are using someone else’s content then you are doing it in public. If you want some extra help I am happy to refer you to QUT Library to see an Academic Skills Advisor to help you.

Creative Commons images

I can’t stress this enough either. You cannot use images that you don’t have the license to use. I have spoken about this and there are resources on the site to help you. If you aren’t sure if an image is CC, don’t use it! With this submission I have taken this opportunity to point this out as a learning opportunity, but be aware that in final submissions you will lose marks.

Read the criteria sheets and my blog posts thoroughly

The criteria sheet is your best friend in any assignment. It tells you exactly what I am going to mark you on. Also I have written blog posts that told you what to do. This post tells you what to do to get good marks, and this post  directs you to some reflective writing resources to use to make your posts better. Lots of you didn’t tag or categorise your posts, which meant you lost marks, taking a few minutes to read the teaching team blog or the criteria sheets would have prevented this. It might only be a small thing, but sometimes 0.5 of a mark makes all the difference to your result.

As the assignments are slightly late coming back you will now have until Tuesday 7th June to post your Week 12 post (details released next week) and nominate your final play and reflect activities for making.



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