Assignment 3 resources and your final learning blog posts…

Hi everyone,

I have just released the Week 12 learning materials on the site. You will notice that for this week there are no new learning materials, as we are spending this fortnight looking back over the semester. You will also see that there is no play activity this week, just a reflect activity. This is your final reflection for the semester and this reflection will be marked as per the Learning Blog assessment. 

I know that lots of you are working on your final reports and I have added an extra page to the Assessment 3 section of the site, Report Writing Resources.  If you are having trouble finding where to start, or want to check what you have done so far please have a look at this page. Remember to look at the evaluating technologies page as well if you haven’t yet.

Good luck with your final reflection and assignment writing and please let me know if you have any questions.



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