Assignment 1: Persona poster presentation

Learning objectives

  • Understand and interpret people’s experience of emerging technologies and concepts.
To be conducted Individually
Deliverable Poster and reflection on your own use of technology
Length One poster and 1000 word or 6 minute reflection.
Weighting 20%
Submission method Poster – Via email to Kathleen
Reflection – Learning blog or vlog post
Due date 11.59pm, Wednesday 20 April, 2016 (Week 7)


User centred focus and design allows organisations to do a number of things including:

  • create products and services that are of maximum value to their clients
  • purchase and implement products and services that will be of use to their staff
  • purchase and implement products and services that will be of use to their clients.

One way that organisations seek to understand internal and external users is through the creation of ‘personas’. Personas are representations of an organisation’s key users based on user research. Effective personas take the form of ‘real’ people with backgrounds and goals and assist organisations in understanding the ways products and services are likely to be used either by staff or clients.

In this assignment you will investigate your own use of technologies, and with this as your ‘user research’ you will create a persona based upon yourself. This persona should cover your use of technologies in your personal and professional life. Technologies should include things such as social media (including enterprise social networks), file sharing, online organisation tools and calendars, and other tools you may use in your work or professional lives. There may be overlap between the tools you use personally and professionally. The persona that you create will be used in Assignment 3, the Solution Evaluation to help guide organisational decision making.

During your exploration of your use of technologies and persona creation you will explore the way that you interact with various technologies. Your explorations and reflections on your own use will be represented in a visual form via your persona. A poster exhibition will be held on Thursday 28 April (Week 8) in P Block from 5pm, prior to class commencing. The posters that you create will be displayed digitally in The Cube. Requirements for creating the posters will be discussed during semester. You will also submit a reflection of 1000 words or 6 minutes on your use of technology.


There are two parts to this assignment

Part A: Poster (16 marks)

This poster should clearly outline a persona that could be used by an organisation to understand a key audience segment. The persona will be based upon you, but will identify you as a particular type of user. For example if you are constantly engaging on social media personally and also use it at work it might be ‘Susie – the networked Millennial’. The poster should include information about the persona such as age, gender, education and profession, as well as outlining the way the persona interacts with technology and their needs, goals and motivations.

As this poster will be displayed digitally in The Cube you need to create it using the following guidelines:

Requirements for posters are detailed below:

Imaging Program (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP)

If the poster is created in image editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel the dimensions of the canvas need to be:

·         Width: 1080.

·         Height 1920.

–          The file then needs to be saved as a JPEG or a PNG.

 PowerPoint (using the Powerpoint Poster Template)

Powerpoint Poster Template
–          Click on the Design Tab (Menu name may vary for different versions of PowerPoint)

–          Click on Page Setup

o   In Page Setup set the Orientation to Portrait

o   In Page Setup set the Width to 28.58 cm

o   In Page Setup set the Height to 50.8 cm

IMPORTANT: The file must then be saved as an image for display on the Cube (All changes to your poster should be saved as a PowerPoint slide though, in case you need to go back and edit changes later).

To save the poster as an Image (JPEG or PNG) for display on the Cube.

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button , point to the arrow next to Save As.
  2. In the File name box, type a new name for the image, or do nothing to accept the suggested file name.
  3. In the Save as type list, select either the PNG or JPG format.
  4. In the message that appears, click Current Slide Only.
General Information

·         Solid background colours are recommended, however large areas of white should be avoided as the contrast can make it difficult to read.

·         JPG is better for photo type images, PNG is better for images with large amounts of text

**Updated 16/4**

A number of students have asked if they can use alternative programs than the ones listed above to create their posters, the response from the Cube team is below:

“The instructions detailed above are recommended guidelines to assist users in creating a poster that will conform to the display requirements of The Cube.  Users are free to use any software they wish to design and edit their posters, however at the end of the day if the poster does not match a 9:16 aspect ratio or a minimum resolution of 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high, they will appear stretched when displayed on The Cube, or will not fit the screen entirely, or will not display at all”. 

If you choose to use a different program and your poster will not display then you will lose marks for this piece of assessment.

Part B: Reflection (4 marks)

Your reflection should include a discussion of your key learnings from this assignment regarding your own use of technologies as well as your understanding of user research and persona creation. Discussion could include information about the way you interact with technology, how you used your ‘research’ to create a persona and your feelings on the use of personas by organisations. Your reflection should take the form of a 1000 word blog post or 6 minute vlog post.

**Updated 16/4** You can also put information about any images you used in your poster in your blog post. Simply add a line in your post stating where you got the images and under what CC licence you are using them.


The Week 3 Class was an assignment workshop which covered this assignment in detail. You can go back and listen to the class recording on the Week 3 Class page. 

The slides from the Week 3 class, which include some example personas from last year are available here – 2016 ifn612 week 3 slides

**Please note***  the example personas are from the 2015 assignment which had different criteria, while these assignments all received 7’s last year, the criteria this year is different, so please read the IFN612 assignment briefs and criteria sheets carefully before you begin work on your persona.


  • Karen Reply

    Poster question – are 2 page posters OK?

    • kathleen Reply

      Absolutely! If you could two separate files that would be good.

  • Janine Cummings Reply

    HI Kathleen, I just wanted to confirm what the requirement are for the coversheet, do we provide that separately in the email with out persona? Thanks

    • kathleen Reply

      Yes please if you could put a coversheet in your email that would be great. If anyone has already submitted without a coversheet, don’t worry.

  • KR Reply

    I just wanted to double check, to submit our poster we just email it to Kathleen?

    • kathleen Reply

      Yep, submission is via email to me.

  • Caitlin Reply

    Hi Kathleen,

    I am finishing off my poster and was wondering if you can give me pointers on how typical our personas need to be. I know its not supposed to be me however i don’t feel I am the typical generation x so to be based on me I cant just follow the average either. as I am researching the average tech use of generation X can I reference this in my reflection also.


    • kathleen Reply

      You don’t have to be typical at all. The idea with personas is the give you a snapshot of one type of user, not the ‘typical’ one. What you should do is base it on yourself, and forget about what the average generation x use is either, as I want to see what type of user you would be.

  • nicole Reply

    Is there a recommended word length for the poster itself? Sorry if it’s been posted somewhere else already!

    I’ve been sending my graphic designer friends into hysterics with my poster-making attempts. 🙂

    • kathleen Reply

      There isn’t a recommended word length, it is really up to you. If you look at the examples some people use quite a bit of text, and others prefer graphics, so some people will write about length of time, others will do a bar graph or some other kind of graphic. However you want to present the poster is up to you.

      • nicole Reply

        Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind!

  • Helen Treherne Reply

    Hi Kathleen
    Do we follow the normal font size rules for posters? or can the font be smaller because of the cube technology?

    • kathleen Reply

      Hi Helen,

      I would use the font sizes that are already in the PowerPoint template as a guide, you can change them if you like but these would be a good basis to go from.



      • Helen Treherne Reply

        Thanks Kathleen.

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