Forgotten Memories

I would like to start this post with giving my opinion about this activity. Looking through my Google drive photos (yep Android user), I could not but just smile and not any type of smiling. No, it was “good memory” smile when lips are wide and teeth are barely exposed. Even when I come to photos that were taken from rough times, I felt happy and inspired that whatever challenges I am facing or I will be facing in the future, will not stay forever and they will be memories as the old ones. It was not easy for me to decide which photo I am going to choose for this activity since many of the photos were forgotten memories that make me smile every time I look at them. If I put all the ones that made me smile, I would be uploading photos to the blog all night. However, I have chosen four pictures that represent the same kind of situation and it they also have my favourite activity, location, and person. Here are they (pictures are raw.


This is my youngest sibling Abdul-Aziz who loves playing with fire (I know that does not sound safe, but do not worry we are careful). Also, the picture has one of my favourite activities which is going to a desert, making fire, making tea, and making great conversations with people you love. In my town, finding a place like that is very easy because the town is in a desert. The only time I got to do such activity is just in winters since summer is too hot for that. Finding wood to make a fire is very easy because wood is everywhere and already comes in small pieces, so there is no need to chop them off. All we need to do is grab them from the ground then put them together to make a fire, like this.


This might sound strange and might not but I found the tea I make using an actual fire taste way better that the one from using heaters. Maybe the atmosphere has a something to do with it. I mean because there are not any sounds except fire sound and people talking. Another factor could be the view as you can see in the next photos.

IMG_0269 IMG_0271

I hope I explained enough to make you understand why I have chosen these pictures to be the forgotten sweet memories of mine.

11 thoughts on “Forgotten Memories”

  1. Hi Abdullah,

    Really like your photos! I can only imagine having a cup of hot tea in the desert during the most beautiful time of the day, sunset, is an amazing experience! I’ve been to two deserts in China myself a few years ago, but most of the experiences were just sitting in a car and simply visiting.
    This was great activity in great location during lovely time.

    1. Hi Faris,

      I’m glad you like these photos and man your comment gave me homesick :D. it is an amazing experience indeed my friend and I feel camping in a forest would have a very similar feeling when a desert is not available.


  2. Thanks for sharing Abdullah, you are a good photographer. I really admire this kind of picnics. I have not been to (real) deserts but I am planning to when I return home.

    1. Hi Fabio,

      I am glad you like these photos. I believe people who like to travel should experience a desert environment for at least once in their lives.


  3. Thank you for sharing this Abdullah – It’s lovely to go back through photos to remember the great times you enjoyed with friends and family – the picnics look fantastic – and it is those moments when you touch base with nature that make your heart sing!

  4. Hi Abdullah

    Thank you so much for posting this great photos you must be a great photographer, I really like this photos. Moreover, I totally agree that nothing beat the desert view especially at night with full moon view. However, I totally disagree with you saying that wood is everywhere, its very hard for me to find the wood to set a fire in my city Riyadh due to the lack of trees 😛 but I believe you live in different city that’s why you can find wood easily 🙂

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