Final Reflection

I will start this reflection by explaining how this unit differs from other units I have ever done. Before I explain how I would like to explain my personality first. As I have described myself in one of my posts here, I am not a social personality. For example, I am not active in social media, which means I read much more than I write. Most of the time I do not leave comments because I get the feeling (heh who would care?). Maybe I have this feeling because in real life if I sense that the person/people whom I am talking to are not interested or not listening to what I am saying, I stop talking. However, I learned that people cares about what other people think of them and I learned this from observing my reactions and feelings that I have from the comments I receive from other students in this unit. I knew that I have an area in my personality that I needed to improve which is the lack of interaction on the internet.

Therefore, I enrolled in this unit because I thought it will improve this area that I wanted to improve, and it did. I have to mention that I had never written a blog before I did in this unit and I loved the experience of blogging. I know love is a strong word, but I mean it and I am planning to create my blog soon. I believe I have loved the experience for a number of reasons. First, the way of writing a blog is way more easy and comfortable than writing an essay or a report. For instance, the ability to add media content such as photos and videos makes it easy for the writer to explain the idea that she/he wants to deliver. Also, the way of referencing cannot be more convenient, all that I needed to do is just make one of the words in the blog take readers to resources pages. Secondly, I have been always interested in new technologies such as new phones and how they change from year to year as well as new technologies such as VR, Drones, 3D printing, and more and how they can change the way people live. Thirdly, in each activity and reflection, there are at least three options the I can choose from. This made writing the blog more fun and enjoyable since I choose the most interesting topic to me to write about. Therefore, I think the combination of easy way of writing, attractive topics, and the ability to choose subjects made the experience more fun and enjoyable doing.

After writing a number of blogs, I started to see some changes on the way I use the internet. I became more social on many different networks. Also, I began to appreciate some other bloggers even more than before perhaps because I now been in a similar environment of editing and searching process.


Game activities

One of the things that the I like the most about this unit is the game activities. I found them very fun to do that I feel sad that there will not be more of them every two weeks anymore. Even though game activities were very fun to do, I learned a lot from them. For example, Week 2 Game Activity was about looking myself up on Google. I have never come up to me to search myself. In addition, after participating in this game, now I know a one good method of checking how well I am controlling my private information and contents on the internet.

My favourite game that I found very engaging and exciting is The Game 2016. I did not know much fun it is until I participated in it. I think that the activities and challenges in the game were well chosen. Say the Forgotten Memories challenge where I had to find I picture the I took a long time ago and made me smile when I look at it. The requirements were one picture with a couple of lines of text explaining why that picture is a forgotten memory. I end up with posting four pictures with more than 400 words as you can see here. This task is the most pleasing and enjoyable task I have ever done for a university unit. It the only one that I was smiling all the time while doing.

I found week 10 have the perfect combination of game activity and reflection topics. While the reflection I chose to do was about gamification, the game activity was The Game 2016 which is made me experience gamification while reading and writing about it. Therefore, I realise the impact of gamification on people not just from reading but also experiencing which I believe is the most effective method of learning.


Persona Poster

Makin the poster made me realise that I can be creative sometimes which I was not aware of before. At the beginning of the process of making the poster I was lacking finding ideas. However, after a while, I had too many ideas that I need to make a great number of decisions about what to do and what to leave. Before I did the poster I did not like any university assessment that gives me a free space to be creative, so I wanted my assignments to have a clear description with clear steps of what I need to do. Therefore, making the poster put out of my comfort zone and some way IFN612 as whole put me out of my comfort zone.

In conclusion, IFN612 has a different way of learning that requires more engagement and creativity. I am sure that I am not the same person from the beginning of the semester. I have become more creative and more aware of new technologies and their impact on people. I really enjoyed this unit, and I am glad that I was part of this experience.

Week 10 Game activity: The Game 2016

I was late to know about the game, but I managed to make 320 points from these activities.

treasure1 treasure2 treasure3 i-found-treasure memory


The experience was very enjoyable and engaging and when I was playing this game I did not have the feeling that I have to do it instead the feeling was I want to do it and these two feelings are different. I wish gamification become more involved in university’s tasks.

Week 10 Reflection: Gamification


This reflection will discuss Gabe’s statement “Gamification presents the best tools humanity has ever invented to create and sustain engagement in people. […] It’s a proven approach using breakthroughs in design and technology to vastly improve the world as we know it…”

– Gabe Zichermann, The Gamification Revolution (2012, p. xvii)

I agree with the statement especially after I have done week 10 game. I tried to win as many points as I could, but I missed some of the games. I have a feeling that if my units have leaderboards, my grades would be higher.

The use of games is not just for entertainment; they can be used in school curriculums, military training, corporations, and some health professionals prescribe games to their patients as a treatment (1 , 2). In addition, games are not just for young people. In fact, the average gamer age is 31 years old. However, gamification is not about playing games; gamification is about applying game-design elements in real life task. This gives an indication that gamification can have a great involvement from adults and a great impact on the way people do their day to day tasks. For example, I believe that if there is an app that gives users points when they clean their houses, cook some meals, walking their dogs. These activities would look more interesting and more enjoyable to do and at the end of the day users will have a feeling of accomplishment even though they did not do anything extraordinary.


Another example that I found interesting is Beat the Street which is a free real life walking and cycling game. This game is aiming to improve people’s health by making them more active. To explain, it a competition that goes for two months every year in the UKand other countries since 2014. People need to carry Beat the Street card and touch them to specific locations. When they touch their cards in location A then in location B the system will calculate the distant they have walked or cycled then transform it to points. Winners receive £1000. In 2014, 39,000 played the game. In 2015, more than 150,000 played the game, and 49% of the players are adults. Now, more than 300,000 people are participating in this game.

These statistics support Gabe’s statement about gamification. Therefore, I believe that gamification will improve people’s health, productivity and make their days more enjoyable and interesting.

I believe that gamification has the ability to make a great positive effect on people’s lives. The video below shows how applying gamification changes the way people normally act. For example, people started to use the stairs instead of escalators or fewer people  exceeds speed limits.

Therefore, I think gamification as a concept needs more attention, especially from governments since apply it is not costly, and it results in positive outcomes.

Forgotten Memories

I would like to start this post with giving my opinion about this activity. Looking through my Google drive photos (yep Android user), I could not but just smile and not any type of smiling. No, it was “good memory” smile when lips are wide and teeth are barely exposed. Even when I come to photos that were taken from rough times, I felt happy and inspired that whatever challenges I am facing or I will be facing in the future, will not stay forever and they will be memories as the old ones. It was not easy for me to decide which photo I am going to choose for this activity since many of the photos were forgotten memories that make me smile every time I look at them. If I put all the ones that made me smile, I would be uploading photos to the blog all night. However, I have chosen four pictures that represent the same kind of situation and it they also have my favourite activity, location, and person. Here are they (pictures are raw.


This is my youngest sibling Abdul-Aziz who loves playing with fire (I know that does not sound safe, but do not worry we are careful). Also, the picture has one of my favourite activities which is going to a desert, making fire, making tea, and making great conversations with people you love. In my town, finding a place like that is very easy because the town is in a desert. The only time I got to do such activity is just in winters since summer is too hot for that. Finding wood to make a fire is very easy because wood is everywhere and already comes in small pieces, so there is no need to chop them off. All we need to do is grab them from the ground then put them together to make a fire, like this.


This might sound strange and might not but I found the tea I make using an actual fire taste way better that the one from using heaters. Maybe the atmosphere has a something to do with it. I mean because there are not any sounds except fire sound and people talking. Another factor could be the view as you can see in the next photos.

IMG_0269 IMG_0271

I hope I explained enough to make you understand why I have chosen these pictures to be the forgotten sweet memories of mine.

Week 8 Game Activity

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 11.20.00 PM

I have chosen the first option for this week game activity, which is about improving Internet skills. Sometimes, finding something on the Internet is not that easy. Thus, I went to look for an article that will enhance my searching skills so I could find more accurate search results. I find this article to be very useful to me because it taught me how to be more efficient in finding what I am looking for on the internet. In other words, from it, I learned how to search properly.

The article explains how search engines work, which should make it easier for users to deal with them. Then, it provides six different steps to improve searching skills. The first step is choosing the right keywords. Next, results filtering using images search. It also illustrates how to find an exact sentence by adding quotation marks at the beginning and end of the sentence where without quotation marks search engines will search for each word individually.

Lastly, it explains the use of OR and NOT/-, OR gives the search engine more options an example is “the advantages OR benefits OR pros of something”. The use of NOT/- is to eliminate some of the possible results. For example, when searching for a video but not from the Youtube the search would be “(video name) NOT Youtube”. Therefore, the article has made my searches more accurate and I find what I am looking for much faster than before.

Week 8 Reflection


The Benefits of Using drones  

unnamed4-1940x1270Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which also known as
drones are not a new innovation since it Austria used this concept to attack Venice in 1849. However, one of the first personal drones was introduced not long time ago. They become employed in many different fields such as including creative industry, farming, mail delivering and more other than just military. Drones have improved all these areas that I have mentioned. For example, they help farmers by making it easier for them to identify issues and resolve them fast by creating integrated geographic information systems maps check this web page for more information

tech-dhl-delivery-dronesAnother field that benefits from drones is delivery. A company called Flirty that provides delivery solutions using drones for businesses in the US, New Zealand and Australia. This service will make delivering instant process so customers will not need to wait at least two days to get what they have purchased. Instead, they will receive it on the same day. This will resolve one of the major drawbacks of online shopping which is waiting time. Additionally, delivery drones have a positive impact on delivery costs where the costs will drop significantly since they use electricity as power sources which are cheaper than fuel. Also, the need for deliverymen will decrease. Therefore, using drones will improve online customer experience since it resolves to significant disadvantages of shopping online which are delivery waiting time and delivery costs.

However there are some privacy issues that might appear when Drones become everywhere. Most of the drones have cameras to become easy to be controlled. Thus, drones may take some footage of individuals who might not be welling to be recorded. The good news is that Queensland office of information commission said that handling personal information must go under information privacy act 2009. Therefore, people’s personal information should still be secure with the use of drones.


Online privacy


Privacy issues have been a controversial subject since social media have been introduced. People were not sure how their personal information is being used. Social media networks were not providing sufficient options for users to control their privacy. However, nowadays, all of that have changed (except people still do not read the privacy statements), social networks deliver more explanation about the usage of customers’ information as well as they provide more option and choices for users to protect their information. I agree with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg statement “People have gotten more comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more open and with more people”

Since now, people have almost a full control of their information on social media sites. Hence, people choose to provide more personal information. I will take myself as an example, one of the activities that I have done for this unit it is googling myself. I am a user of many different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat and more. When I googled myself, I did not find any information that I did not want to be public. Social media networks are tools that people need to learn how to use. For example, people did not stop using knives because they can kill other people, but they learned how to use them and they prevent children from holding knives. Therefore, I believe privacy should not be a primary concern anymore since people have the ability to choose what to be shared and what to keep private.

Assignment 1: Reflection

Doing this assignment was interesting and showed me some sides of myself that I was not very aware of. To begin, with, I enjoyed making the poster very much because when I started making it, I found it tough to come up with ideas. However, after a while, I was suffering from ideas overload, so I needed to make a great number of decisions about what to do and what to not do. Making the poster made me realise that I can be creative sometimes, while before I was not so sure. Actually, I believed in the opposite that I do not have even a small amount of creativity. Therefore, in the past, I was not even trying to design or rearrange anything, and when I receive orders or assessments, I wanted them to be fully detailed with clear steps of how to do them without any space for creativity. Otherwise, I would have low self-steam and doubt about my ability to complete this order/assessment. Nevertheless, now I believe that I have changed, and my self-steam has been boosted after making the persona. I think I will be more comfortable and relaxed when doing my future assessment in my studying and working life.

Also, making the persona gave me a better insight of myself of how I am using the technologies and devices around me. The activities that I was focusing on are studying, gaming, reading, watching movies, and socialising. To complete the assessment I had to investigate how much time I spend doing each of these activities as well as what devices I use to do them. For instance, the time I spend studying every day and I found that I only use three of my devices for studying, including laptop, desktop, and tablet. Also, I am now aware of which one of these devices I use the most for studying, which is the desktop, and I had to find the reasons behind using one device more than the other. For example, I found that I tend to use my desktop for studying more than my other devices because it has a bigger screen which allows me to work on multiple windows at the same time more comfortably than the other devices. This was the information I discovered from investigating one of my daily activities. Furthermore, the poster made me realise how much time a spend using social media and which of them I use more than other. Knowing social media usage is very valuable for organisations when targeting a segment of people, so they can make a better decision about how to reach their target of customers.

Furthermore, user research allowed me to make a persona by speculatively constructing it on my personality. It provides a comprehension of how information can be gathered and sorted out to make it easier to target client and fit what they require and need to create a win-win situation. There is no need for anybody to give up because the customer gets what she/he needs and the one like me who utilizes the information can give the most appropriate arrangement. Nonetheless, in this persona creation can’t veer far from our identity because our ideas, thoughts and imagination dependably rely on our personality. We can be innovative, yes, yet that in any case, our identity will have a significant influence on the work.

I used my user experience as a foundation for my research so I could without much of a stretch relate my data to the persona where I could undoubtedly relate my sentiments on the persona since I am mindful how the demographics of the individual think and feels being in that demographics myself. I assumed that the person I specified is a male university student, who is 23 years old. This person (Adam) is very social and have the passion for new technologies. His very active electronically. In other words. He has a great number of gadgets and device and most of his daily activities involve using one or more devices. The persona is the same as some other individuals except some assortment, for example, ethnicity and culture. Past the component of ethnicity and culture, we are all the same. Most of us like to use technologies since they make their life easier in some way.

What I learnt from this assignment is that user experience is not something that can be ignored and supplanted. Customer research provides me with sufficient data to be knowledge about what to deliver and to whom. From the assignment learnt, that user research likewise can be used with the end goal of enhancing, supplanting; adjusting the products/service. It astonishes me of how it is so awesome to have numerous information of various individuals, so It gives me the sign in the event that I am going to have a decent begin or not. Thus, it will forestall numerous misfortunes that I consider to be not recoverable. Persona notice indicates me how the information I gathered can be composed in a way that makes it simple to manage and organize. Persona poster is an incredible method of displaying information since it does not require me or the gathering of people or customers to have any programming dialect nor business foundation. It is so natural to comprehend and inventive to make. Therefore, when consumer research and technological tools are being combined, they will furnish intense information of what the necessities, despises, goals, and motivations for every client.

Al the icons that been used in the poster are retrieved from:

Week 4 Game Activity

I have choose to create an app for this week game activity. The app is targeting people who are interested in football (soccer). It will show the upcoming matches, news, games highlight, photos, and results. The app name is Soccer Centre+. This post will provide screen shots of the app and brief description to its features.

hoemscreen Home screen 2

I tried to make Soccer Center+ user friendly as much as possible. The home screen is easy to understand, it has small windows and each window has a title and a picture that gives an indication of what this window offer. The windows are (photo, Highlights, news feeds, results, matches, and about us)


When pressing on photos window, the app will show famous leagues, including Premier League, La liga, Champions league, Bundesliga, Serie A and the world cup.


Photos 1 Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.16.20 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.15.59 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.16.36 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.16.52 PM Photos 2

After pressing on any logo, the app take the user to the official Instagram account of that league, so users will have the latest photos and news.


The second window is highlights,After pressing on the window, the app will ask the user to choose a league.


Alter choosing a league, the app will display the latest highlight videos from the league that have been chosen

Photos News

Third window, which is News, will  also display the leagues, then it will provide the RSS feeds about the league that have been chosen.

Photos Results

Next is Results. This window will display the leagues as well then after chosen a league the app will take the user to a web page that shows the latest matches results.


Photos Matches

Matches window will have almost the same sequence to results window. However, the only difference is instead of redirecting to a results web page, the app will redirect the user to a web page that display current an upcoming matches.




Week 4 Reflection


Mobile Web (MW) is the use of internet through handheld mobile devices. Mobile web specifically is the use of internet browser in mobile devices. Therefore, using mobile apps is not considered as use of MW since apps are specified to one property as been mention here & here. MW have made people’s lives much easier especially in retrieving information about almost anything. In other words, as a result of MW, people finds answers to their questions in seconds such as the best way to clean an oven to what is today’s weather, etc.

Since mobile application are not considered a part of MW, my usage of MW is very limited and mostly for personal purposes. For example, I search for errors solutions for my devices when I have errors. Just sometimes I use my phone browser to check or browse the QUT’s website, which I consider the only academic use I do using my mobile browser. I believe the reason behind my limited use of MW is that there are apps for almost every single thing. For instance, I use Medium to read new articles every day, I use StumbleUpon to find a new website that meets my interests in one click, these are aside from social media apps and mobile banking . Therefore, usually when I need a website, I go and I download its app.

Nevertheless, MW has a great impact on my life. It made my life easier by making retrieving information much faster. Whenever I have a question about anything, I open my phone then google it. Where before, I had to ask people around me or wait until I put my hands on a laptop or a desktop, which usually I forget my question by that time.



Quantify Self (QS) are tools, gadgets and/or apps that people use to gather data on their daily activities such as the consumed food, a number of movements have been performed by the user and much more. In addition, I am not a person who uses this type of measurements. However, I found them very useful and helpful to improve life quality for people who use them. They help in setting goals and make it easy for users to have a clear mind direction about what they need to do/eat/etc. Also, help them to have the knowledge of how to achieve these goals.


Furthermore, QS can be very beneficial when targeting a specific segment of people. For example, people who have heart problems can use heartbeat rate monitor such as SCOSCHE RHYTHM+, so when their heartbeat rate is not normal they can act quickly, which would save a great number of lives.

There is a prediction that in 2018, 13 million wearable monitors will be integrated into corporate wellness. The same article explains who these devices will monitor the employee’s daily activities and the social aspects around them then share that data with health groups. Using fitness trackers for employees have its advantages and drawbacks.

Wearable devices can take employees out of their daily routine because some of the devices ask the user to stand up and move a little bit after sitting in front of a desk for a quit long time. Also, there is a high possibility that employees will be more careful abut their health since these devices provide a clearer picture about their daily activities than without them.

On the other hand, there is a large concern about how employees’ data is going to be used and how that could affect them. Additionally, one of the solutions is to give the employees a full control over their personal data and how it will be used as this document suggests.

Week 2 Game Activity

This is my first time to google myself. I was very easy to be found in Google even though Abdullah is a very common name, but my family name is unique. The results show my account in social media in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and my account in IFN612 web page as shown in the screenshot.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.05.11 PM

I started with the first link which was my Facebook account. My about page did not show any personal information such as phone number, email address, location and even gender. The only thing that was displayed is the things that I like such as music, books, etc. my Google+ account was no difference except it shows my gender which is obvious in my profile picture. After opening all the links that are relevant to me (four links) as a stranger, I was happy with the results since there are no personal information were disclosed – even when I tried the pictures search the result was pictures of my friends in Facebook, but no pictures for me, which I found very strange and pleasant at the same time.