About this unit

Welcome to IFN612, Emerging Technologies. 

What you’ll learn in this unit

This unit will introduce you to a range of emerging technologies and technology concepts. It will provide you with an opportunity to explore the applications of these in information services environments. Through ‘playing’ with technologies you will gain skills and knowledge related to specific applications and concepts.

Approach to teaching and learning

IFN612 runs simultaneously in two modes: online and in a blended learning mode. The unit has been designed to make extensive use of online learning environments to facilitate students’ development as eInvestigators, eCollaborators and eCommunicators.

Online learning resources support the completion of fortnightly online learning activities. In addition, a number of workshops will run during the  semester. Alternative options for engagement with material presented in workshops will be provided for students who do not or cannot attend workshops on campus.

These may include the opportunity to attend workshops synchronously online, availability of video and / or audio recordings, and facilitation of additional online activities in lieu of opportunities provided in on campus workshops if appropriate.

Learning resources will include academic readings, videos, screencasts, audio recordings and media resources. These will be disseminated via the unit site. Learning resources for each week will be posted to the unit site by 9am each Monday.

All students, whether on campus or online, are expected to engage with all of the unit content. This includes content delivered online and in workshops, although the mode of engagement with the latter is students’ choice.

This unit embraces a philosophy of equity in the learning environment design and delivery. Every effort has been made to ensure that students receive the same quality of learning regardless of whether they undertake this unit entirely online or in a blended learning mode.

Unit site

The IFN612 unit site is where you will find all the information about the unit, assessment and weekly learning materials. You will also find the IFN612 Schedule for your reference.

Personal Learning Networks (PLN)

The Personal Learning Network forms a core component of the learning environment and design in IFN612. In this unit, your Personal Learning Network includes your peers, but you are encouraged to interact with professionals in Library and Information Studies. Your PLN – your peers – will be your support network in this unit. You are required to contribute to the learning of the other members of the class through discussions within the site and via Twitter.

Independent learning

A key learning outcome for this unit relates to your development as an independent learner. You will be set tasks to complete and will need to figure out how to complete them. These tasks have been designed to allow you to explore technology through play. You are expected to engage with and support your peers and their learning journey, and likewise, to make use of the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to support your own learning.

To this end, all questions regarding the unit, including those related to weekly learning activities and assessment must be posted on the unit site, or via Twitter. It is your responsibility to take a leadership role in your learning community and provide support to your peers by answering their questions where you are able.

The teaching staff will monitor conversations and step in to provide clarification where necessary, however, no questions about the unit content, learning resources, learning activities or assessment will be answered via email unless they are of a personal or confidential nature. Enquirers will be directed to post such enquiries to the unit site or Twitter.

As future information professionals, you are required to be expert in the location and evaluation of information. This unit fosters the development of these skills by asking you to complete tasks which may be unfamiliar, and which you may have to research in order to complete. You will make use of tool/technology support sites to assist you in completing learning activities.

Study and contact hours

For each 12 credit point unit you are expected to dedicate at least 12 hours per week to attending classes, independent study and assignments. In IFN612, learning activities and workshops have been designed to provide an average of three hours per week worth of work. This is equivalent to the amount of time you would be required to dedicate to attendance at classes in other units.

Workload management

In IFN612, you are required to complete fortnightly learning activities. You must complete these progressively throughout the semester as they are made available, to ensure you keep on track. You will also be penalised for late submission. Each activity is due at 11.59pm on the Sunday a fortnight after the release of the materials.

Most importantly, make sure you let the teaching staff know if you are having difficulties because there are a variety of ways in which you may be able to get extra help to overcome obstacles to your successful completion of this unit, whether these obstacles are academic or personal.



  • roshan Reply

    Do we need to register for the unit website?

    • kathleen Reply

      Hi Roshan

      You do need to register for the unit website to create your profile and your learning blog. There are details of what to do under the Week 1 learning activities page.



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